Landscape View For Tablets

Thanks to all who are voting for this. I think it would be an improvement even if the app could rotate when the iPad is upside down. At least this would allow the iPad to stand upright with the power cable pointing up.

Haven’t updated to v2.0 on it yet, but I have confirmed that the landscape problem exists on my Google Nexus 10 tablet as well. As you’re probably aware, I’m primarily interested in landscape functionality on my iPad, but it sounds like tablets in general have gotten the short end of the stick.

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I don’t have an iOS device, so this doesn’t concern me as much, but why is this at “maybe later”?

WyzeCam doesn’t appear to have the necessary resources, yet they’re working on stuff like an outdoor camera when landscape mode isn’t even available on iOS.

I’m assuming different things involve different people so it’s looking like WyzeCam needs more people in the app development field.

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Dear Wyze Team,

Great product, great price. I wish you more success…but…

Companies fail and disappear when they start to ignore the obvious and voice of the customers.

Please get this landscape rotation support in the Q1 2019 roadmap. Good luck!


One might wonder how many Wyze cams haven’t been purchased because potential customers (esp. those with tablets) have learned about the landscape issue in one way or another. We’ll never know of course, but these individuals certainly won’t be here in the Roadmap voting for this to be added.

That’s true. I tried to give one of these away for Christmas to an 82 year old. She didn’t want it because she couldn’t view multiple cameras, nor could she view any on her pc. So, she won’t be on here voting for any roadmap ideas.

3 key features are needed in order for Wyze to be more successful…

  1. Main page must shows the live video of all connected camp. The Nest app does this. It removes the need to click on the specific camera to see what’s going on. With Wyze app, not only you have to click on it, then you have to click “back” which exits the app, then you have to re-launch the app, then click on the other cam to see. Feel tiring to you? I only have 3 cams. I fear what that would feel like with more…

  2. Landscape mode is ball breaker. Ask me how many times I turned my head 90 degrees to the left. Then click on “enlarge”. Then, click on “un-enlarge.” Then turn my head 90’ again. Click “back”. Then, click on the camera while keeping my head 90’. Then find the enlarge button to get my head right side up. etc. etc.

  3. In Playback mode, the scanning the video must show the preview. Otherwise, you end up just wasting time jumping around different times to find the right footage.

Go team, go Wyze!


Lol! That sounds like what I’ve been doing with my iPad for a little over a year now. Anyone know a good physical therapist?


Thou clickith too much.

In addition to people with disabilities, this would remove the need to constantly flip my iPad around as I go from watching notifications in landscape to viewing the other screens (portrait only).

We also have a permanently-mounted (in landscape) iPad for various apps, including Wyze. But it’s nearly impossible to use Wyze given the sideways layout of all screens other than video playback.


It would also be nice if in the full-screen landscape mode on an iPAD the picture would not be squeezed together but shown in the original proportions (even if I would see black bars on the top/bottom)

Good news: the current beta takes care of the landscape view being stretched out of proportion. Should be released within a month I’d guess.

Does it eliminate the need to press the full screen button to get landscape if the phone is already in landscape?

If the phone was already in landscape, that means you were looking at everything sideways, right? The answer is “no”, if you were in landscape, looking at everything sideways, you still have to tap the full screen button to get landscape video view, or rotate the phone to portrait and back.

Hopefully, if full landscape support for the app gets implemented, this will no longer be an issue.

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Yes and no. If I’m reviewing an Event in landscape and another Event gets pushed to my phone, I have to switch the phone to portrait as the new event loads and then back to landscape to view it in full screen mode. People look at me like I’m playing some race car video game twisting my phone around. It would appear the app is checking for the change of state of orientation from portrait to landscape and not the state of landscape.

If the phone is sitting an a holder in landscape position, even if one has to suffer through looking at it sideways, it’s really nonsensical to have to push a bunch of buttons to get to landscape mode when the device already knows this. If you like looking at everything sideways, you can always lock the orientation of the phone.

Unfortunately, landscape support is listed as “researching”, but the OP states they haven’t started yet. :disappointed:


Re Authenticating to the app after being kicked out for some random reason is even more annoying. Turning your iPad connected to a keyboard to portrait mode is insane. I do not understand, I asked about this over a year ago. Great product, no auto landscape is painful.


this is a painful feature to lack


With the advent of the latest software and “multi- live stream” window -
I’m running an Amazon Fire HD 10.
When in portrait mode showing multiple windows (2) there is not a “back button available” in the UI.
I either have to rotate the screen or go to individual screen then hit full screen and it rotates to portrait,
Just the back arrow in the upper left corner when in multiscreen would solve my problem,


Howdy @Loki … Do you happen to know where the implementation of Landscape mode (throughout the app) ranks? So very disappointing that I’m still having to rotate my iPad repeatedly throughout the day just to see menu items, etc. Well, given that text is now white-on-cyan, cyan-on-white, etc. (i.e. no contrast), it’s very difficult for my semi-aging eyes to read app text anyway, regardless of orientation. Back to the Landscape issue … it’s just frustrating, given my physical limitations. As I’ve mentioned previously, of all the apps I have installed (73, I just recounted), only 2 don’t support Landscape and Wyze is one of them. Ah well … p.s. I don’t mean to hijack the thread here, so feel free to relocate or just delete this post. I feel marginally better now for having just having just written it. :wink:

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If you go to the top of the #wishlist category (click the link), the topics are sorted in order of votes. You will find that this topic with just over 100 votes is currently ranking about 25th. Votes and ranking are the not the only factor in determining what gets done first. For example, this one does affect those with physical limitations, so that could give it a little more priority.

As this is one of my pet peeves, I did have a conversation with the Wyze folks about it recently. I continue to advocate for it. While I can tell you it is on the back burner, it is also definitely on the radar. Unfortunately, I don’t know what that means as far as a hard timeframe as to when it might get eventually done.