Can a v2 cam connect to a LAN?
(Local area network ONLY, not connected to the internet)

Would then my phone/Wyze app (which can connect to the LAN) be able to see the cam?



Yes and no. Internet connectivity is required during the initial setup process. After that, it is possible to view the camera over the LAN without internet connectivity as streaming is point-to-point and does not occur through a server. With internet connectivity unavailable, functions such as cloud storage of alert videos will, of course, not be available.

If the camera is connected to a LAN that is internet connected, the camera will be available to be viewed from outside the LAN for an app logged in with proper credentials. There is no way to turn this off from the camera side, although it could probably be prevented with appropriate firewall settings in the local router.


Thanks Rick

Our office LAN is internal only so there would be no way to set up a Wyze cam.


Yup, unless you can get the office LAN internet connected just long enough to get it set up.

One other thought… you could try to set up another network (you home, for example) with the same SSID, security protocol and password as the office. Set up the camera on that and then take it to the office. Might work.

And one other method that I think would work, but would require purchase of an additional $25 gadget: use a travel router as an intermediary. This is normally used to allow the camera to connect in situations where there’s a web-based landing or login page on public wifi networks. I’ll post the complete instructions below. The basic method is to set the camera up to the travel router’s wifi while the travel router is bridged to a working internet such as your phone’s hotspot. Then disable that hotspot and connect your phone also to the travel router’s wifi. You can then feed the camera video through the travel router, completely bypassing your office LAN.

Here are the details: