Lamp Socket Auto settings don't seem to work... lamp is always on

Log ID 646711


It got stuck on this morning. Log: 667503

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Thank you guys! I am also able to repro the issue on my testing unit here. Right now is working with dev to fix this issue on the next v3 firmware release. Will keep you updated.


Great, thx!


Wow, this next firmware release has so many awesome updates coming, I am excited for it. :heart_eyes:

Also, we really appreciate you taking the time to confirm and replicate issues like this and test them out and help make sure they get resolved. Your activity here in the forums is invaluable. We really appreciate the work you put in.

I have the same issue. No matter what I set the socket to, my light comes on and stays on. It will not turn off automatically, ever. I have to turn it off every morning. The first motion trigger at night will cause the light to remain on.

This is a temporary fix but right now I set a rule that turns on the light when a motion is detected and an other rule that turn off the light at sunrise. The light stay open all night tho but this is the best I can do with the situation right now,

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This has been happening almost daily all the sudden.

Remove power to camera/socket and reboot it. Will make it ok for a few days.
Supposedly there will be a firmware fix at some point, will it be fixed? not so sure anymore.

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