Lag time and... Can the time stamp be changed to 12 hr time?

Trying to find out if I can change the time stamp to 12hr time and also if playback slider could read am or pm after the time. With the lag issues, the playback has become useless. I have to playback entire days constantly which is why I got cards for all the cameras… Please help!

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You can’t switch to 12 hour time ATM, but here is a place you can vote for it. As for the lag, if you are talking about the loss of Android hardware acceleration, Wyze is looking into that now. However, I’ve included that item too:


Using the 24 hour time format I don’t need am or pm :slight_smile:

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But the playback slider is in 12hr format😕 But yes you are correct and I am aware, when using 24hr there is no need for am and pm which is the case for the live stream… If it was an option across the app, it would make everyone happy. I can’t see that it would be a big deal to add that feature…

Actually, that is only partially correct. The playback slider is in what ever time format you have your phone set to. I have my phones set to use the far more logical 24 hour format, and you must have your phones set to the stupid U.S. most civilians 12 hour format.
As for the timestamp in the video, that is part of the video, so there is no way for one phone to display one way and another phone to display. It may be possible to make a firmware change in the cameras to set the time to 12 hour format (or preferably user selectable), but that again would become part of the video.
As previously mentioned, there are already requests to have it selectable.

Yes, need to be able to set for 12 hour not 24… You must all be in the military… lol

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