Lag in Video

What Android hardware are you using? Wyze needs clues on what to fix. I assume your iOS is working fine? If not what hardware are you using there? Also, what router?


Hi everyone, for those of you still having video lagging issue, I want to ask you a favor and invite you to test an Android app V2.6.371. It has a toggle to switch between software and hardware decoders on livestream page. We also added more rendering logs if you send us an app log. If you decide to test the app, please let me know if the issue persists on hardware decoder and submit app logs to us.
How do I send app logs?
Android V2.6.371 Download link


20-30 second lag.
Sent log
back to 2.4.82 :frowning:

djh -
Did you have any spikes in data sent to Wyze Test?

Nope, the usage is pretty linear

I’m also having the same problem all cameras are lagging since the new update on my tablet dragon K 10.1

Hi @diana1999

I gave up on the app updates. I disabled them, I use a very old version. I occasionally upgrade/update to the latest and have yet to see the issues resolved. In my latest attempt a few weeks ago (and - forgive me - I did not jot down the app version #), it seemed the resolution was automatically changed to 360p to eliminate the lag in live view. So - I uninstalled the app, then downloaded the “very old version” and installed that instead. I have lag-free, SD/HD live view again. Would be nice if all the issues could be resolved: I had to disable auto updates for all the Android apps. Otherwise - disabling JUST the Wyze app - did not seem to work: it kept auto-updating. So I now have to check and update all other apps manually on a regular basis.

Just to make sure: the version you are using has the option to enable the hardware decoder and you did enable it, correct?

I did installed to the prior version it’s better on the lagging which version did you downgraded to?

Yes it does has the option to hardware …

I use app version 2.4.82.


Ok it’s working much better with my wall mounted tablet that’s running on Oreo Android 8.1 but I noticed that on my phone I have the updated version and it’s running fine. My phone is on 9.0 Android system.

Worked great, had 12 second lag, now near immediate, thanks