Lag in Video



I recently bought the Wyze camera to monitor who is coming in and out of my business. I have a pixel phone, and the image quality is great. Although, on a tablet the image is lagged, meaning someone walks though the door but it doesn’t show on the camera until 10 seconds after. Also it is very pixelated when someone walks by. I have tried 3 different tablets, including a brand new Lenovo i just bought. It happend on all 3. Can anyone help?

No solution to give, but wanted to share that I'm experiencing the same thing. Curious if it has anything to do with Wifi signal?


Same problem. Was real time streaming the first time it fired up, then reverted to updating frames every 20 secs or so. Phone with app is on same wifi network as wyze cam, with no traffic or load on the network.


I too am having this issue however switching to night vision mode let’s the stream run smoothly… I know this isn’t the ideal fix but it worked for me and I can still see/hear things real time with no lag. App needs an update probably…


In the app.

My account.

App settings.


Enable hardware decoder.

This fix the lag for me completely.


This worked for me as well (On Android Tablet)…Thanks!


This was exactly what I needed thank you!