Known Person Detection (Facial Recognition)

I think this would be great! I do know Nest does it but there is a subscription cost of $6/month attached to it. If I could only have this on my doorbell when people are close enough to see it that would be awesome! I am waiting to see a price point on that before I purchase my doorbell honestly. I currently have a Nest doorbell but I feel like the features on the subscription are just a bit more than I want to spend. Especially for only one doorbell camera. I have many Wyze cameras and a lot of sensors and the scale and I would want to keep adding more products :grinning:

I think that Wyze $1.99 per month is a great price compared to other cameras. Hop Wyze adds it to Cam Plus.

This should integrate with Apple Photos or Google Photos to have a history of known faces. Both Apple and Google already have a system to keep track of who is who with the thousands of photos on your phone so why not use that to build the facial recognition on WYZE?

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Really good idea Wyze should consider, I already use that with Google photos

I only have the outdoor camera and I’m still waiting for the human/animal identifier promised by the end of 2020 and the google assistant compatibility. Google can at least identify that I have a WYZE Cam Outdoor and even knows its name but that’s as far as that goes. I am also paying for a Cam Plus membership that provides me with the one quality I would have hoped comes with the camera purchase and nothing else. So you mean I can actually view things the camera records? Pay extra for the networking and editing, not the upgraded CCTV stuff that only works when in close proximity. The whole site seems to describe what all the products can do… theoretically… but not so much if you have the outdoor cam. Those bits are left out until you run into them on your own even though the website includes the outdoor cam in compatible devices. Maybe just one more employee to focus on slightly more useful troubleshooting ideas for those who read the basics provided by the app menus


This works fine on my V2 but still, my doorbell doesn’t recognize faces @WyzeShawn

They just addressed this topic today:

New Vid about plans with Facial recognition.

Wyze is only the second company in the world to have facial recognition available in a smart home camera. That’s impressive.

They said they’re going to let us do automations using our face. That’s pretty cool. We can customize some automations for the preferences of different people in the house.

We could have cameras facing a wall or something, and just turn it toward our face when we want to unlock something or things like that. That would be kind of cool. Walk up to your front door, it sees your face and auto-unlocks the Wyze lock for you or family members, but not for others. Maybe I’ll put one on my office door now. Oh, and customize all the lighting to do different things when my face comes in view.


First I wish it’d recognize a light change from a passing vehicle from a person.

(Apologies for the tone. But my Wyze Cams v2 never notifies me for person of cat movement. But only light change or light from car passing by.)

I also would love to be able to detect and block from event triggering known people. I would extend it beyond facial recognition to person recognition. For example, every time I go out my front door I trigger an event. It should be possible to learn and thus eliminate false events as facial recognition alone would not aid.