Key tag sensors

This what I would like to do with Wyze Sense sensors. It would be great for people like me who have OCD and also know if the kids have borrowed the car while we’re away from home.
Maybe a dedicated Wyze key tag sensor would be a better option.

This is a REALLY cool use case for Wyze Sense! But I could see a dedicated key tag being better. :slight_smile:


If it had a charm or a beep to help you find them when you’ve misplaced them they’d be perfect as well.


This seems 100% doable with the current sensors. Just superglue the magnet part to the tag. Or, if that’s too bulky, buy a smaller magnet to glue onto it.

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I do think a Tile-like device would be cool, Those seem pretty expensive for what they are, and I’m sure Wyze could do it cheaper, plus they could integrate it into their ecosystem.

BUT… this may be a bad time for them to work on a device like that, because better/more accurate tech is getting built into phones directly. Apple’s new iPhone has something called a “U1 chip” that allows for “GPS at the scale of your living room,” according to Apple’s marketing copy. The chip is already in the iPhone 11, but there aren’t any devices using it yet. I’m really interested to see what that will look like, and how small the tracking devices might be able to be. Also interested to see whether that remains proprietary to Apple products, or if they’ll allow third-party accessory-makers to use it.

I can think of some pretty cool ideas for it. Obviously, keeping track of your random stuff that floats around the house is one thing. But you could also set up hyper-accurate geofencing, in order to set home/away modes automatically. And – get this – DOG FENCES! You could get really granular with it. Keep the dog in the yard. Keep the dog off the rugs. Keep the dog off the couch.

Anyway, I’m super excited to see where that tech goes in the next year or two.

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Since Wyze is branching out to areas beyond security cameras, how about something better than a Tile. I have Tile trackers, but they don’t do what I really need them to do. My keys, wallet and phone should always be together. If I run off without all three of them I have to turn around and go back home. I would like to see something that would somehow alert me that any of those three things was more than say 100 feet from the other. Something permanently mounted in my car and/or home would do. The Tile device won’t do this and requires that the app is always running and Bluetooth is always on. I usually have Bluetooth off to save battery time. How often have you left home or work without your wallet or phone? Home, office and car are base points where I should always have these three things together. How about it?

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Need a simple key finder. Two suggestions:

  1. Use a small fob or tag that will vibrate/make any kind of noise to help find keys. Integrate with both phone app and Wyze Band.

  2. Have a NFC tag you can stick /attach to your keys that will make a sound on your phone or vibrate your Wyze Band if you are within a selected distance (20 feet / 10 feet/ 5 feet etc) from your keys.

      2A. The  NFC tag could also be used in place of a more expensive GPS device and be programmed in the app for location positioning: picked up by another [or future] Wyze device -cam/light bulb/motion detector etc to alert you that the keys are 20/10/5 ft etc near that particular device. 
     2B. By programming a history /time log device app for the NFC tag  detections, you could also use this secondary feature to track  older/ sick/ whatever folks to make sure they are up and moving around, or know what room your dog/cat/toddler (lol) is in/ was in.  With the assigned NFC tag you also know it is the dog and not an intruder that tripped your motion detector if that is the device on hand.

Lots of future use option using NFC tags :wink: