Keep Your Wyze Sprinkler Controller Nice and Dry with Wyze Sprinkler Controller Weatherproof Box - 7/15/21

The season of pool parties, outdoor movie nights, and string lights is here. Today, we are announcing our IP65-rated Wyze Sprinkler Controller Weatherproof Box to keep your Wyze Sprinkler Controller free of the elements. If you haven’t heard of our sprinkler controller, it’s basically like hooking up an AI-powered, weather-sensing brain to your sprinkler (with Sprinkler Plus). It’s pretty awesome, go check it out. With Wyze Plug Outdoor, you can host an outdoor movie night under a string of lights for the perfect summer evening. Grab both from and make your summer a blast. :sunglasses:


Just for reference… I said i was buying a second one as SOON they had the box. and as i saw it posted… ordered one!

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That’s awesome! Thank you! :smiley: