Keep all traffic on local area network

Big fan of your work and products, thank you very much for what you do.

It would be great if we could keep all traffic local. Since your cameras are not true RTSP then maybe we can run your cloud software from a local machine and only devices on the same network can view the cameras.

Here is my current setup
-IP Panasonic RTSP cameras pointing to a local machine running the VMS.
-Recognition software running on same VMS local machine.
If I want to view cameras externally then I connect to the VPN at router level of this network.

Many thanks

It would be useful if the camera had a “LAN Only” or CCTV style mode. We use one as a playroom / baby monitor and our internet is slow, so the camera is slow. If it were walled off inside our network, it would simply fly with no delays.

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LAN only would be amazing. I have 2 cameras as baby monitors as well. I am using a 10G connection on Cat7 and Internet line is 1G Fiber, and there’s a very small slight delay and this happens because of the obvious cloud service. I wouldn’t complain about the slight delay but my biggest concern is outside traffic regardless of encryption and this is the only reason holding me back from buying 10+ Wyze devices.

This is also what’s holding us back from more cameras and why we don’t have one in the room the baby sleeps/feeds in. We have it in the children’s play room, but if I was able to restrict it to the LAN then I’d have several more uses for it. The 30 second delay between the kid camera and my phone does mean that occasionally there’s a brawl broken out before I’ve had a chance to see it coming, so eliminating that delay by being LAN / CCTV only would be fantastic.

Make sure that you have “Enable Hardware Decoder” enable on the APP settings. It used to be on by default but not any longer.