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So the bottom line about a $20 HD camera that sort of works is, paraphrasing a sexist adage from Johnson, “like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”

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Yup! I seriously doubt that the currently released Wyze hardware could ever provide the buttery smooth playback experience we would all like, especially while doing continuous recording to the SD card at the same time. So I’ve given up on that and instead push for direct SD card access so you can do the playback work on a local device or PC.


Had not heard that one before!

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Yeah, I wonder about their approach sometimes. But I just heard of a strategy that made me stop and think:

We had “Miss Utility” out before doing some road work. The guy would check for buried power lines, but he would not check for buried phone lines.

He said that Verizon won’t pay him to do it because it would cost them $10M/yr to pay Miss Utility fees, and their average cost per year to repair cut lines is only $1.8M/yr. So excavate away and call in if you hit anything important! :grin:

Maybe Wyze has done a similar calculation and figures the cash flow from new products is much larger and more important to their company than a few hundred disgruntled owners of old products with issues??


Worst beauty pageant title ever.

Also, yes. Volume is king.

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Yup. I like the cameras, but they (along with the app) are pretty flaky. Also, the design of the app has become quite jumbled. Startup is also slower than previously.


Taking a long time to fix some much-needed Basics here I’ve got a lot of cameras and peripherals. Wondering if my $500 investment needs to be redirected after the last two years exclamation