June Community Survey - Please share your thoughts!

I can watch it live which is nice but that is not the point of having the doorbell. The point would be to review what happened . Also the delay in notification is large 60 to 45 sec quite a lag if you trying to catch porch pirates

That is frustrating, I had the same problem for about 2 weeks, so I know what you are talking about. Not totally sure what it was that fixed mine, but I did try shutting off the power breaker to the doorbell, and turning it back on, also cleared the cache on my app, force stopped the app, logged out, logged back in, and tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Of course, the first 1-2 times I tried all of that it didn’t change anything, so I finally contacted support and they told me to shut off the power breaker 1 more time because their script forces them to ask us to do it again, so knowing that already failed 2 other times, I went and did it again anyway, and suddenly it worked and has worked ever since. So weird it worked that time but not all the previous times.

Though, since I went without being able to use it for 2 weeks or so, I know how frustrating it can be.

Something else I considered doing was deleting the device and doing the setup all over again. That has fixed other devices before. Could be worth a shot.

Regardless, sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with that for a while. Wish I knew some way to help more.

Are they as short lived as their service?

You guys need to fix the video signal for the doorbell on smart screens. This has gone on long enough. The video is still on its side in my echo devices.

At launch Wyze said the VDB would probably never be allowed stream to any Assistant screen at all because of the resolution dimensions. Then contrary to their statement they flipped the video stream to be allowed to stream on Alexa afterall.

Then people filed a bunch of support tickets and Amazon complained to Wyze about all the complaints they are getting. So Wyze told us they are probably going to be forced to remove allowing it to stream at all anywhere but the phone as they’d originally told us at launch. That was a month or 2 ago. We’re lucky they haven’t canceled access entirely as they originally said at launch, and as Amazon told them to do a month or 2 ago.

Apparently there is some kind of issue to where Amazon/Google can’t do the video stream in portrait view. That doesn’t fully make sense to me, because they will show pictures and such on the screen just fine in portrait view and a video is just a a bunch of pictures and synced audio. Also, they could just fake add blank input on the sides if it’s really that big a deal…so I too wish this could just be fixed to show it upright…however, I DEFINITELY prefer having it sideways in landscape view than removing it entirely as they originally said and as Amazon suggested they do (and they said they’re probably going to have to do) so that people will stop complaining to support and filing tickets about it. I’ve decided that I am now actually quite happy with it being sideways and at least working at all when they first told me it would never work or ever stream to any of my echos or googles, just use their audio to chime when pressed.

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Good point. I agree. Plus, I have nearly twenty Wyze pan-cams around my house, and they work great with Alexa. So, I don’t want that to stop either. But I may just go back to my ring doorbell cam because that worked.

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Community much this community so grande need community manager. How Community?

@WyzeGwendolyn will you be sharing the survey results with us please?

They haven’t shared the results of any of the past surveys, so don’t get your hopes up too much.


I did.

Opensource wyze software

Survey complete. Of note, there was no item for submitting what one does NOT like about Wyze. What I don’t like is the trend to add new Wyze products that, to me, stray from mainline home automation. These include the vacuum cleaners, watch, scale, band, etc. (I’d throw the socks in there but realize that is a joke). Further, the watch and band are in direct competition with Apple watch, for example. Seems to me that they are not worth pursuing.

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Done !!

Survey completed

HDR: I know the socks are real, but their bandwidth is a bit low

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