Jump to user-entered time (hh:mm) in playback timeline

hello,using the scrollbar gives timeouts on slow cellular links when checking the cameras from abroad. having an input field for the time would be a great workaround. more background here:

Please add a ‘search by time’ feature - e.g. between 3-4am. It would stop the app crashing after scrolling through so many vids and make it WAY easier to use the app (so I don’t have to keep scrolling for 10 mins before getting to the time I want), thanks!


The more I use Playback the more I’d like to be able to enter the time as opposed to scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, pinching, scrolling.

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Hi everyone! I apologize if this has already been requested.

A feature I would like to see is a sliding bar that will allow you to select or highlight a portion of video you want a recording of. I find it cumbersome to have to find the time you want to start recording, and then pressing the record button, and then having to wait until you stop the recording. I feel this would improve the continuous record function greatly.

I want to enter a start time and a end time and also being able to directly download that selection.

Also add buttons to jump in time by 30 sec and rewind by 15 sec.

I know an 2x or 3x playback is being worked on.

But sometimes I know a specific time that something has happened, because of a sense trigger or because I know around what time happened, and I need to scroll all the way back which is not intuitive.

Since I know that in the SD’s is being saved in a different folders per hour, it should be something simple to implement.

In the current app, when playing back an event video, tap the SD card icon to jump to the SD playback at the same timestamp.

Yes, but it’s not events what I’m trying to search all the time.

For example there’s one camera that I use as baby monitor, so I know that at certain time something happened, but there’s no event in there, there’s no way to search for it