Jump from motion detection notification to its recorded video location



Fantastic product, Wyze Cam team. I have 3 v2 Wyze Cams and am loving them.

A feature that would make the local storage on the camera’s SD card vastly more useful for me, is to be able to view a motion notification video clip and from there, tap on a link/button that jumps to the saved video from SD storage at the start of where the motion detection occurred and starts playing. If the saved video is not available for that notification clip, don’t show the link. Perhaps start 5-10 seconds before the motion, or make that configurable. If this is already a feature in the app, my apologies, because I can’t seem to find it and I would gratefully appreciate someone describing how to do it.

Thank you for listening.


I would also love this feature. Very similar to the way the Yi camera software works. It would also be nice to have an actual picture of the beginning of the clip in the notifications view instead of just a generic picture which doesn’t tell you anything.