Join Our Virtual Happy Hour! May 3 2pm Pacific Time 🍻

Join us this upcoming Friday May 3 at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern). BYO beverage and Sense questions for our Virtual Happy Hour. I also heard that we might show something that can light up life! :slight_smile:


Hey, folks!

Don’t forget to say hi to Mike in the virtual happy hour! It’s coming up in about 3 hours and we’d love to see you! :slight_smile:

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my sense was going off every few minutes…it was placed outside over my front door…any tips? your products are awesome…thank you all!

how about a chime?

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Hi all at Wyze, been very pleased overall with the products (cams, pan cam and as an Early Access backer of Wyze Sense)
I have an issue thou and posted in the Wyze Facebook group as i got my units… but the motion will not connect. The door sensors will. I have tried several ways, even held the back of the bridge to get into the flashing mode, deleted the door sensors and was able to re-add them without issue but the motion keeps timing out. Gwendolyn has replied but hoping to get this resolved before i install the other units.


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Removing the battery solved the issue and connected now without issue. Thanks everyone at wyze


Hooray! Happy to hear it! :smiley:

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