It's time to call it quits

Well, It’s time for me to part ways with WYZE CAM… Too many issues and a forum is no substitute for customer service. I have 7 cameras (had plans to add more) One just decided it did not want to accept the QR code which rendered it useless. 2 more are just constantly stopping. I wouldn’t have known it if it wasn’t for the clock.
They were nice while they lasted and I was really hopeful that someone actually made a product that was good quality and affordable. I was happy in the beginning but that ceased after only a few months. I think I would rather pay for a real camera that is dependable. I go out of country pretty often and can’t play forum tag for customer service.
Reminds me of an old quote from economics class…
“Between GOOD, FAST and CHEAP… Pick two…It is highly unlikely that you will ever achieve all three”
Be well all!


To be fair… Wyze reached out to me and asked me to contact their tech support once more. I did and they are trying to resolve my issues.
Sometimes it requires a loud squeaky wheel in order for the rest of the wheels to get a little bit of grease…

WYZE did respond on Facebook with “We’re really sorry for the poor experience and we hope you will give us another chance in the future to do better.”
So I did… I reached out to them one more time by phone. Spent some time troubleshooting but to no avail. …Still waiting for a response from their “agent” that handles these matters…
If you’re looking for cheap little video toys, Wyze is the way to go. They should stop marketing them as security cameras and putting so much time and effort in to R&D on all these features in to a toy camera… Just sell the as disposable cameras…


I can relate, Wyze cams are inexpensive toys that can be fun and challenging to play with. I would never recommend one to a non-technical person. As another user recently said, they might be called a peace of mind cam. But with low reliability and zero support I doubt if even peace of mind would be accurate.


Looks like I’ll be heading to that route myself.

Wish I could get back the time I wasted on waiting on the outdoor camera and reliable p.d.!


I am returning my new outdoor camera.


In process of swapping out mine also. Changing brands can be a real eye opener. You’ll be amazed that for just a little more money everything you’d expect to work, works. I’ll have a pile of wyze available soon to the highest bidder.


The drawer of broken dreams…


I agree.
I’ve been “tinkering” with Wyze cameras for over two years. Recently I purchased the WOC. I was pleased at first because I read the “fine print”, but the battery life is a big disappointment.
“I’ve been hanging around too long, it’s time I was moving on.”
Yes ""tinkering " with Wyze has become boring. I’m going to find another brand.


Best of luck and thank you for all your input! :+1::sunglasses:

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Yup. Such a waste of my money. I wish they’d issue refunds. But they got their money and are laughing all the way to the bank. These cams were so hyped on sites like CNET. They’ve been so unreliable it’s been unbelievable. And the support steps for troubleshooting have been a joke.


Hey hey, I really enjoy all our posts here at Wyze forum ! :+1:

I just spent $15 on cam plus thinking it was gonna fix people detection.they got me good.the gov office needs to investigate these guys.

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Same for me. I will not buy any more Wyze products. I’m waiting for the Nest cam IQ to go on sale before officially call it quit on Wyze.

Hey, thanks for the info on Yi, motion sensing, and your other helpful posts, @desertshores.

I can’t leave yet. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Alexa person detection announcements and I still have 2 cams waiting to power up and another with a sensor kit waiting to get unboxed. I’m still way behind you guys on the dashed hopes curve.


I with u im going to fine a new security camera and company because since i had Wyze they have not work for me.


Same here, tired of all this playing with the cameras, and lack of customer support/answers.


Why are people using this forum to say they’re leaving Wyze? It’s a $30 camera… what do you want. Spend minimum $100 and see where that gets you.


Um… We want the outdoor camera to work as promised; it doesn’t.


@Ranger_Jim I have entered a post just today very similar to this. I bought into Wyze cams three weeks ago and luckily was able to get out with Amazon’s return policy. I didn’t have issues with the hardware but with the fact that they just didn’t function as hoped. Keep safe and good luck.

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Well that sucks! I really enjoy your posts!!

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So true!