It's time for Wyze to grow up and support RTSP (full integration)!

I get it. Wyze started out making trinket cameras that you might use for this or that. I now own 8 cameras (1 V1, 2 V2’s, and 4 outdoor cameras). With 8 cameras, it’s not reasonable to use the app to view the cameras.

We need RTSP to be supported as part of the main-line firmware. Not a special load. I need to be able to view Wyze cameras using iSpy Agent DVR. Other Wyze users are using other software. The common denominator for camera systems is RTSP support.

Wyze is a gimmick until it supports RTSP as part of the product. Not a goofy load this special firmware which may have security issues and which you have to manually update.

Not being able to view Wyze cameras on a PC is a big issue and my friends who try Wyze because of all the hype are consistently disappointed that it’s a novelty item not a real solution.


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AMEN to that!


Doesn’t make sense to me either. I’ve already moved on, but do check back from time to time for any RTSP updates… sadly just folks like us complaining.

Yes, I’d like RTSP supported so I can update my cams instead of taking them down manually for support

It is ridiculous that they haven’t fixed this. I’m not buying anymore Wyse devices until they have provided a web interface. I want a couple of more cameras but I’m about to switch manufactures over this issue and just sell what I have.

I agree. I get a little more mad every time I see them introduce another product. I’m not sure what their end-game is, but I suspect they want to be acquired by Amazon or a large company wanting to get into the IoT space. My guess is they have advisors telling them to widen their portfolio of products to increase their valuation.

It feels to me like they are browsing through every sketchy electronics factory in Wuhan and slapping the Wyze label on anything that looks mildly interesting. I’m sure we’ll see a Wyze toilet paper holder that alerts you when you’re running low within the next six months!

What’s sad is that they built a community around their focus on the users. They have drifted away from this when they realized the company they built could be worth a lot of money if they sold it. I think there is a high probability that many of the products they’ve sold will be orphaned once the back-end servers are shutdown and the products are abandoned.


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I agree

I also agree. And the RTSP subject and status comes as a bit of a disappointment for me. I was about to pull the trigger on several cams, door bell, and sprinkler controller, but the inability to get a supported firmware that will allow me to use one of my home linux servers to manage the video (and other features) is a BIG block wall in the way of that. I hope that this changes, and it will have to in order for me to go all in.

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Agreed. It needs to be built in, not a separate firmware.

I understand that Wyze makes money on their Cam Plus service and, for many people, that’s a benefit worth paying for. That being said, I will wholeheartedly vote yes on the “support RTSP” part of the topic title.

Yes, absolutely. If they supported RTSP and worked as all the other cameras do, I would own a fleet of them. Instead, I retired the three I had and will not be purchasing more until they fully support RTSP and work without rebooting, freezing, and otherwise fail to function when using RTSP.

And as for the excuse that people will not use the app because they are using RTSP is a false narrative. I still used the app even when using RTSP because the App was easier for what I wanted to do, but the RTSP allowed me to have everything saved to a local server and accessible as I needed, without an internet connection or limited features.

There is no reason not to, and the excuse that they don’t have enough time is bogus. If you can come out monthly with scales and sprinklers and door bells you can reprogram your units to support an industry standard.

I’m canceling my Cam Plus subscription. I find that being able to stream with rtsp on the beta version firmware is more important then cloud storage. I am also going to wait on preorders to the V3 cams until I know if RTSP will be supported.

I’ve done the same. Didn’t even sign up for Cam Plus and will not order any additional devices until they make progress on this. Between cameras, plugs, lights, and security system I probably have 15-20 Wyse products.