It's Not Motion Sensing Its Heat?

True, I had not thought of that. Wyze could offer a bonus to users who were willing to submit their trained monkeys!

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Just heard on the radio there is a shortage of Monkeys for testing the vaccine.
Maybe Wyze users have been scooping them up for motion detection training. . .

Wyze pays more. The smart Monkeys are all hanging with the Wyze Guys!

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You may have something there. All the Monkeys who want to be injected with a test vaccine form a line on the left :grimacing:, those who want training by Wyze nerds form a line on the right. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Clearly the better option!


(Updated) The fixed detection zone is arguably the most disappointing feature of the WCO. I guess that’s because you can’t move the heat sensors, in contrast to selecting any part of the field of view for detection as you can do with the other Wyze cameras, Combine the fixed detection zone with the relatively short detection distance (25-30 feet?), and you’re really constrained in where and how you use the camera. I moved it about five times before I found a location that gave me useful detections.

One more point: The delay in it waking up after detecting a heat signature has occasionally resulted in the 12-sec video only capturing the top of a visitors head has he/she approaches our porch. It missed one person completely, apparently because she moved into the detection zone quickly. That’s not useful. It just happened again. The mail person delivered a package to our front door. The 12-sec clip catches the top of his head as he goes under the camera, even though he should have been detected 20-30 feet earlier.

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I can agree. I’m sure that they will think of ways to fix this or create a new motion detection for a possible v2 outdoor camera.

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I see similar behavior with my WCO pointed at gravel road & vehicles. Just barely catches it at end with sensitivity set to 100%.