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Theres a good chance their investors are driving them to introduce more, and faster. investors only concern is ROI, the company is up and running, so the focus is on cashing out, acquisition, merger, or ipo. they give money to get money.

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I’m about to return mine as well. They capture my husband coming home, walking in the front door but not once in over a week had the camera caught my husband walking out that same for too go to work. Insane!

I can’t even tell you how many times that has happened with mine! I actually took all of mine down yesterday and I’m trying to figure out what to do with them short of just throwing them in the trash! I’m so frustrated and disappointed!

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I know the feeling, I don’t have wyze plugs but another brand and it is horrible if I have to “manually” turn on a lamp. Lol. What did we do a few years ago. I don’t even listen for notifications, if someone tries to break in our house I have something waiting for them. I love the V3 cams for the night vision, I have my IP cameras I look at for the daytime. Just my feelings.

I have an Alexa routine (Alexa Goodnight) that turns off all the inside smart bulbs, turns on and sets the brightness levels of the outside smart bulbs, turns off the iron (just as an extra layer of safety), etc., etc., etc. I cannot count the number of times I’ve had to get up out of bed, go into the living room and manually turn off a Wyze bulb. I’ve never once had this issue with any of my Philips Hue bulbs. It’s really annoying. My wife is on immune suppressants, which was the initial reason we installed so many smart home devices—so she didn’t have to touch them. Only Wyze continues to let us down. And the other reason we’re gradually leaving Wyze is because to date they are not HomeKit compatible. I like having a backup way to control these devices, and with Wyze I don’t have that. The EufyCam 2K Pro models are incredible, and I don’t mind paying more for security—if it works. I just ordered the Eufy solar panel for one of my EyfyCams that is positioned up high. Now I can set the detection so that it records more footage without having to worry about using too much battery.

Something that is getting lost in this discussion is the difference how customers outside of the US are being treated.

Yes, we are prepared to pay the higher shipping costs, we also probably would buy some additional products if they were adapted for markets outside the US.

We know that Xnor.AI was bought by Apple who removed the service with little notice and don’t blame Wyze for that either.

But, we would like to be able to integrate Wyze into our Alexa set-ups. If that were possible, we may even go and pay for subscription services.

We knew, or should have known, that Wyze wasn’t supporting their products outside the US when we bought them. I’m not complaining about that. We could have bought other supported brands.
Wyze is playing a bit of a game by letting Amazon sell worldwide then saying Amazon is doing it without consent. Wyze is not refusing to sell to Amazon. :slight_smile:

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I knew before I bought and decided that the price/value proposition was still worth it.

Still I had hoped that instead of branching out with so many different unrelated products, they would have ensured being a worldwide brand with worldwide functionality.

I have a lot of problems as well with motion detection and notification. I did not have these problems before installing a V3. Now I have V1, V2, V3 and Pancams. Notifications and motion detection settings are not uniform between camera types. Wyze needs to make things uniform and obvious. Yes, good cams, good price. But frustrating operation and instructions.

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Yes, me too.
I don’t think Wyze has much incentive to support the rest of the world. We buy the products anyway, why bother putting time and money into supporting us?

Many are still waiting for WYZE to support their customers here in the USA. Anyone who has been paying attention to this forum knows things are headed in the wrong direction from a customer service / satisfaction standpoint. It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why that is happening.


Unplug it when you’re done. Just not worth the risk.

Yes, I agree. The failsafe is that the iron goes into hibernation after so many minutes of no movement.

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CITI is stopping the VANs in August 2021. I use them a lot but according to CITI not enough people use them to justify keeping the service.

Well that’s sad to hear. I miss using the BoA version and am glad that @flyingchipmunk posted the alternative.

@Customer and @flyingchipmunk, yeah, some great options there. And yes, I am familiar with VANs.

Getting away from the main point of my initial rant (maybe not wholly thought out enough before hitting submit), I’m just tired of being a commoditized data point. There is no need for ANY retailer to retain CC data unless we are talking about a renewable service/subscription. Yet most still do it. This is why things like VANs are super important. And also why I am concerned about what, of my, data is being sent where and why.

I’ve had two V2’s and a Cam Pan outside for a couple years. They work just fine. NE. is Cold in the Winter and hot and humid in the Summer.

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