It’s not about the $60 I lost...Wyze outdoor cam

At first , I thought I just was expecting too much. As a backer of the outdoor cam I looked forward to seeing the capability of the cam, especially after the seriously impressive claims made by the Wyze team online. But no. It is truly not the cam they claimed it would be. What hurts the worst is the feeling of being ripped off. I can’t return it or I’ll lose almost as much money with shipping costs. The thing is they broke a sacred trust. I trusted them to deliver. And if they just cannot make it work out, I trusted them to deliver a remedy such as a credit to purchase a different Wyze product or to pay for shipping. But they’ve offered nothing to those of us who faithfully backed them believing in them. Trust once broken is very difficult to mend. Especially when your concerns go unanswered and ignored by the company. In my opinion, tomorrow salvage as Much reputation that can be saved, Wyze leadership would be wise to direct more funds towards direct customer service with a real human being to answer all the concerns and address problems. Divert the money they’re wasting making stupid masks, thermometers , and scales and use it to staff a call center. A good reputation as a brand is perhaps the greatest asset. A good CEO would protect anc defend it at all costs. But so far all I hear is crickets.
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Seems to be a serious lack of management experience and growing pains. They need to put up the $$$ for a strong, experienced CEO who will lower the boom and get them on track.

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I understand your frustration. I have not been very impressed with the WCO either. It hasn’t worked well [for me] as a cam to send me alerts, record events, etc. I have basically just used it for convenient (portable) timelapse projects, and that is really frustrating too (it takes hours for me to ever get the video downloadable).

I hadn’t intended to reply, but this part of the post spurred me to give my $0.02:

Since you apparently haven’t heard anything positive about any of those things, I will say that I LOVE the scale. I would recommend the scale to anyone. It is more consistent and reliable than the other scales I’ve tested, and as accurate as anything I’ve used. It has awesome features, the price is unbeatable. Seriously, I love the Wyze scale. If I ever come across someone looking for a smart scale I would definitely push them toward the Wyze scale. If there is anything I could think of suggesting for it, it would be allowing CSV exporting of the data or something, maybe finishing their sync capability to some other 3rd parties, but I only use Google Fit so far anyway. I’m more annoyed that Google Fit won’t allow tracking of all the other measures besides weight…that’s not Wyze’s fault. The scale is a huge success IMO. I love it.

I also loved the thermometers. My wife owns several Home care type of franchises. When CV19 hit, they couldn’t get decent touchless thermometers anywhere, but they needed some. Wyze started offering these and we bought several for her franchises. They were very helpful at a critical time. Sure, the latest research now says that testing temperature for CV19 is kind of pointless (most people who can still spread it don’t show a fever anyway, among other issues), but it’s still useful for other things in her business. You can always find something cheaper than a specific product, or higher quality than a specific product, but at the time we critically needed several thermometers, these were great thermometers at a great price, and were actually available. Sure, we were able to find a few others but they were all at atrocious price-gouging prices, or sold out with unknown availability dates, Wyze doing this actually helped out a lot at least for my wife’s healthcare businesses. I totally support them having offered these, as we were extremely grateful to be able to get them.

I can’t speak of the masks, as we got those from other places, but there was certainly nothing wrong with offering them when there was a time when it was hard for a lot of people and businesses to find any. Just because Masks and touchless thermometers are no longer a supply issue doesn’t mean Wyze made a mistake in their initial way of helping out. I am sure we are not the only ones to be grateful they offered reasonable items at reasonable prices when we were desperate for some. Not everyone needed them or cared…great, no big deal, but they made a difference for others who did. They could probably do away with them now that there is no longer any kind of shortage going around that needs help though.

Lastly, I don’t think they’ve wasted any money toward masks or thermometers anyway. It was my understanding that they just partnered for distribution access. I believe some other company handles them completely, and Wyze just processes the orders for them through their website platform and gets a small profit for it…similar to what Amazon does for their 3rd party merchants. Wyze gets paid a percentage whenever someone makes a purchase, but doesn’t lose anything if people don’t.

Don’t misunderstand, I totally empathize with your WCO frustrations. WCO was not everything I hoped it would be either. You can look at some of my past posts where I have criticized it, but it’s a stretch to blame the Scale, face masks, thermometers, etc. for that…and if you haven’t heard anyone who has liked any of those, I can confidently tell you that I love mine, and I am not just some blind Wyze lover…I don’t really like the WCO much either.


Don’t back future early access products until seeing reviews or waiting until inevitable issues get resolved through updates. Try selling it locally.


Sorry for your bad experience. We are here to help. I’ve created 2 post about common issues, and you can see if that is helpful. You can also let me know your ticket number, if your concerns is mostly about support.


You’re right. I shouldn’t judge products I haven’t tried(scale, thermometer, etc). But I think my issue is that they are in the home security business. Yet they seem to be all over the place with some of these new products. As great as the scale may be, it just makes sense to focus on your market, in this case home security and security cams. Before you go investing in products that are in a completely different field such as the scale being more of a healthcare device, first perfect you original market. Build exceptional products to build the Brand reputation. Then expand and widen your horizons to other markets like home health. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Wyze telescope next month. Followed my a coffee maker.
But seriously, sure the thermometers were timely. But as for the wonderful scale, I think those r&d resources should have gone to perfect the WCO first. Anyways, I know my opinion means nothing to them so good luck with your cams everyone.


First and foremost, allow me to compliment you for joining us on this forum, in doing so of course you now have a target on your back and will be inundated with impossible questions that you may or may not be aware of or capable of answering.

I for one, am glad you are here… All the comments that you are reading are real life experiences Of people who invested their money in products your company has endorsed and recommended. We bought into the Wyze ideals promoted on the website and their ads… The biggest issue you will face here is likely a declining trust that the company actually cares… That is mainly because requests go unanswered And wyze remains secretive about many issues… For now, the WCO is the biggest let down from Wyze.


Thanks for the response. I do support what you said in this comment. I wish they would work on improving certain core products more without making everything require a subscription to be very functional as they’ve been doing lately. The whole reason I bought into Wyze in the first place was because it was a one and done payment and they were always making improvements on things without requiring a subscription. That model has shifted lately and I am very disappointed about that.

I do feel that in all fairness, Wyze has always said they were in the “Home Technology” business (smart home), not just home security…so other things like lights, plugs, bracelet, smart scale and even a surge protector does fit in with that whole business model, however, the masks and thermometers don’t really fit there, so your point is still very applicable. Even if some of those things fit, people have been outraged that they were considering new products like a heater when things like the cameras aren’t all extremely reliable yet.


What I do, here on this forum is basically add another voice to issues, I help where I can And I complain when I consider something needs attention… None of my comments are directed to people individually.

I get it, appreciate your participation and help on the forum.

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I don’t know as concentration into a vertical anymore is viable. Off the top of my head I can’t think of many successful companies in one vertical.

Look at Apple, Microsoft, even Tesla, and Microsoft etc. Closer to Wyze’s size would be someone like Eufy, and it makes a scale and a robot vacuum as well as a credible security line.

They also don’t directly respond to costomer problems.:slightly_smiling_face:


I do sppreciate that you and Gwendolyn are trying to help but people really shouldn’t have to post their ticket numbers on a forum to get help.


They did, plenty of people have stories of personal responses from executives at Apple, Microsoft and others. Wyze is tiny at the moment and like any company at that stage of their growth tends to be more hands on then later in their life cycle.

But it is nice to see their management take an active role in customer service.

It was kind of a joke. Admittedly not a good one.
I’ve actually had very good customer service from Microsoft.
All three companies also put out products that don’t require much support.


:flushed::flushed::flushed: The forums for a single Apple product generate more posts in a day then all of Wyze generates in a month. Same with Microsoft and Tesla.

How do the sales numbers compare?

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Irrelevant to the point you were making. Apple and Microsoft and Tesla DO sell many products that require large investments in support.

Yeah, you’re right.
I do support Microsoft products and find that most calls are user related problems but there are software glitches.

As much as people use their cameras for security use, myself included, officially Wyze themselves say their products are not for security use. A 4k wired setup with a dvr is best for this. I’d say since the bulbs, scale, and band came out that they are more in the smart home segment of the marketplace.