It found my wifi but asks for password and my wifi is open, what do I put on password line?

It found my wifi but asks for password and my wifi is open, what do I put on password line?

Hello, longshot!

An open/unsecured wifi network won’t ask for a password, since one hasn’t been set. If your wifi is asking for one, then you might have to look for the password. Wifi with passwords are secured connections; depending on wifi router manufacturer, you can do this several ways:

  • if your wifi router came with an access key, connect the key (usually USB) to your computer and setup the key.
  • some routers will have the code printed on a sticker on the device itself. Check it out and see if you can locate it.
  • If you know the person who usually administers/handles the wifi connection/router, ask them for the password.

Hope this helps!


Wyze made the decision in the new app release not to allow connection to open wifi networks. Unless Wyze changes their minds on this, there are a couple of workarounds that can be used if you want to keep your base home network unsecured but also provide a secure network for the Wyze. One is free and the other has a small hardware cost. I realize these may not be suitable in all cases.

  1. Most wifi routers have the ability to have a separate guest network, often without password required. You could set this up with your existing SSID (so you don’t have to change any other devices) and also set up the primary network with WPA2 encryption.

  2. You could use a travel router as an intermediary device that will connect to your unsecured home network and bridge that over to a secure network accessible by the Wyze Cams. Complete instructions for that are here:

Finally, there is a #roadmap topic about this asking Wyze to reconsider (link below). You can hop over there and vote for it. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.