It all arrived - in with Wyze - out with Simplisafe

I’m a Simplisafe customer, and decided to give the Wyze versions a go. It took a while to get everything I needed to replace my current system — and the last items just arrived!

I’ll post here my results, progress, issues, and successes.

Have others made this same full switch?

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Went the other way myself - couldn’t get rid of Wyze fast enough, and will never consider them in the future.

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Full switch from VIVINT, with a lot of expansions.

Were you using the home security & monitoring solution, or some of the other hardware?

Other hardware. Out of 7 total devices only 1 is still working (and it’s on S/W and F/W at least 4 releases back because newer versions don’t work). Not exactly the type of performance history, or support, that gives one the confidence to invest in a ‘home security’ system.

If you review R_T’s forum contributions, you will see that they are 100% negative about Wyze…one has to wonder why a person who obviously has such a poor opinion of Wyze products would be such an active participant in a forum about Wyze products. How much time do you people in your buzy lives spend trolling a business you don’t support? Do all of you actively waste your time checking in on a user forum for products you hate and make comments regrading those products?

Of course, if you have some other motve to continue to bag on a company you might do so but how many of you would waste your own unpaid time doing so???

Can you elaborate on this, what other hardware, what do you mean 7 total devices and only 1 still working: what 7 devices and what is still working?

Can you provide more detail?

Let us know how it goes. I am interested in your findings as my HMS hopefully will be coming in soon. I have nothing now, so this will be the first. :slight_smile:

Sorry about the delay, been ‘under the weather’ for a while. I had 3 cameras, and 4 plugs. 3 of the plugs stopped working and the 4th followed them into the trash. 2 of the 3 cameras (1 V2 and 1 PanCam) failed and were trashed. The 1 remaining camera (a V2) is still in operation but with F/W at least 4 releases back because newer F/W breaks a basic function I use.