Issues with Two Wyze Doorbells

I have two wyze doorbells. They work great during the day time but at night at least one goes off line and I have to turn off power to get it to restore. At first it use to be only the carport doorbell but since I turned off night vision mode, it does not go offline as much. I have also turn off night vision mode on the front door,

Its not the wifi because not only I changed to a mesh node wifi, I placed an extender in the carport area for the carport doorbell.

This leads me to believe it’s a power issue.
What’s your transformer rated for?
How is your wiring set up? Please include pictures if possible.

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The house was built in 1968 so I am assuming the box is that old. I am including a photo to check how it’s wired. At this time the transformer is bypassed.

I see the same thing. My doorbell goes randomly offline and the only way for me to recover it is to power cycle (incidently, I plugged the transformer into a wyze plug so I can do that remotely. I bought a new transformer (see link below) but it isn’t helping.