Issue with video playback speed

Hi, I have a v2 cam at my garage and I have noticed something very weird. When I check the events and run the play back from the cloud it is about twice the speed. Like Im running fast forward. The seconds are about half seconds when they count up. When you see a person walking its like they are trotting. Things iv checked, The sd card. Its playback was the same, I formatted the card and still get the same result. This seems to have also happened after the last update. It has the newest code. Any thoughts?

Hi, from my experience, when playing back footage from an sd card on your device, it plays every other second unless you were specifically recording that time frame. I am not great at explaining this but, if you watch the time stamp as you are watching the playback, It will skip every other second

I recently posted about the same issue here:

Are your cloud events showing as longer than 12 seconds and not playing for that long?
Can you verify if yours works normally with Nightvision enabled?
Also did you recently have a camplus subscription that expired? In other words, how long ago did you set up this cam? Was it within the last 2 months?
If you had a camplus trial expire less than 2 weeks ago will you go back 2 weeks ago on cloud events and verify everything works normally for camplus uploads, just not the free cloud events?
I’d really appreciate you checking that out!

Wyze responded to this issue here:

But think they are discounting that this issue is related to the camplus trial and I would like to verify some of that for them if you could help out.

I look forward to your answers to those questions.