Issue with video playback speed

Hi, I have a v2 cam at my garage and I have noticed something very weird. When I check the events and run the play back from the cloud it is about twice the speed. Like Im running fast forward. The seconds are about half seconds when they count up. When you see a person walking its like they are trotting. Things iv checked, The sd card. Its playback was the same, I formatted the card and still get the same result. This seems to have also happened after the last update. It has the newest code. Any thoughts?

Hi, from my experience, when playing back footage from an sd card on your device, it plays every other second unless you were specifically recording that time frame. I am not great at explaining this but, if you watch the time stamp as you are watching the playback, It will skip every other second

I recently posted about the same issue here:

Are your cloud events showing as longer than 12 seconds and not playing for that long?
Can you verify if yours works normally with Nightvision enabled?
Also did you recently have a camplus subscription that expired? In other words, how long ago did you set up this cam? Was it within the last 2 months?
If you had a camplus trial expire less than 2 weeks ago will you go back 2 weeks ago on cloud events and verify everything works normally for camplus uploads, just not the free cloud events?
I’d really appreciate you checking that out!

Wyze responded to this issue here:

But think they are discounting that this issue is related to the camplus trial and I would like to verify some of that for them if you could help out.

I look forward to your answers to those questions.

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Just curious whatever came of this? Im spontaneously having the exact same issue on one of my v2 cams…super frustrating.

Honestly, there weren’t enough other people reporting this issue. I had a Wyze employee trying to help us with this issue in the Beta forum that I linked to above, but nobody responded here or in the other threads so I couldn’t get anyone else to give them enough information to pursue the issue or verify it, so after 90 days the beta thread got closed and nothing has been done about it and it has not been fixed.

I still have the exact same issue on that one cam, but it’s hard for them to verify things that appear to them to be something that is not really happening to anyone else. There was not much they could do without others admitting to them that they were having the same issue too. So due to lack of activity it just fell apart. Nothing happened.

I suggest you submit logs and reference my ticket and my original post I linked to above and send it to support and file a ticket also referencing your logs and my logs and my thread so that they can see detailed examples of what you are talking about. The more people who report the issue will allow them to compare the similarities and be able to figure it out. Otherwise they’ll just assume its a connection issue, but it is not. It doesn’t matter where my cam is, and a connection issue wouldn’t be affecting my SD card, and if it was a network strength issue then adding cam plus wouldn’t make any difference at all, but since it does, it means it’s not the network, it’s something with a certain line of Wyze V2’s.

Nothing…still have issues. I formated the card and this seemed to help for a few days but back to the same. Seems like everytime I want to look at whats making my driveway alarm go off I can’t connect either. Its like when it starts recording you can’t get the picture up.

I agree with your thoughts on it being connected to the plus trial expiring.
I have had cameras for well over a year and they worked flawlessly. I added a new camera to the system and it prompted me start a trial so I figured why not. The trail was for my whole account meaning all the cams were included. The trail ended a few days ago and now just one camera plays back at double speed.

My outddor wyze cam plays back in fast motion. This only occurs when I get a recording at night. Daytime, the wyze works as it should, Is there a fix for this???

I have the exact same problem as tremel4028. never had an issue with my year old outdoor cam until Christmas 2021. I purchased another outdoor cam, installed it, udated my Wyze app and now both are playing at double speed. Changed both to SD. still same issue, only at night. did not start any trials or changes.

See this thread: