Issue with TinyCam pro

You’re welcome, great to hear. I think you’re now doing better than I am. I get pretty frequent dropouts on one or more of my 4 primary views. Did you set the bitrate to 60 kbps via TinyCam? I can’t seem to pull more than 2-8 fps at 30-90 KB/s across them.

I set bitrate to 60 on all the cams. So far if I leave everything alone, all the feeds stay up. Once in a while a feed will drop but it comes back in a few seconds
Added - not happy with some of the cams dropping once in a while even though they come back in a few seconds. If it can be better, I would like to try. Had a Tenda A9 wireless extender in a drawer and now it is linked to my Tenda AC23 router. Now for the last 24 hours, the HD10 has been streaming 9 feeds at once with zero dropouts. The HD8 streams 8 feeds with zero dropouts. According to the Wyze app, the WiFi signal for the outside cams was 1 bar, most of them 2 bar. Now the cams that were one bar are two bar, and most of the cams that were 2 bar are still 2 bar, but some are now 3 bar. The A9 extender is only for 2.4G which is fine because all the cams are 2.4G

Notice the FPS and bit rate on each camera. Rarely do they drop lower than 10KB/s. Previously, the cams farthest away from the router would drop to about 4KB/s before the range extender was added.

This is the HD8

This is the HD10

As has been said, YMMV.

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Nope with a capital N. Still dropping out. Not as frequent, but some cams still drop out long enough for TCP to time out. If the feed goes away for a few seconds, TCP will not drop the feed. Understand my knowledge about this is limited.

Been doing some reading, and 2G will maybe go through 2 walls, and 5G will go through one.

My AC23 router (for that matter, every router I have had) is in the basement, situated sort of in the middle. I live in a ranch (rambler) style house. Moved the router upstairs and the extender to another room. There is a steel support I beam in the basement that runs the length of the house. That could have been causing a problem.

So far there have been no dropouts. Let’s wait a few days before I report back.

You keep raising your / our hopes on this. :frowning:

You probably know that Wyzecams and most others don’t do 5 GHz anyway, although the path back to your tablet is free to use it. Hmm, I suppose you could try disabling 5 GHz on the tablet, but if it already has a good signal that should be pointless.

I continue to have my own dropouts but frankly more of them with my non-Wyze camera. It’s a lovely 2K outdoor floodlight cam but its WiFi strength just stinks.

Yep, Wyze is not 5G. Now that I moved the router upstairs, either the WiFi gremlins are away, or that was the fix.

Don’t mean to get your hopes up. Just reporting what happens when I make a positive change. Believe me, I have done the happy dance several times only to be kicked in the butt. That is very frustrating, especially since I am stabbing in the dark.

Guess what? :angry::angry::angry::angry:

Yep, TCP isbsck to dropping feeds. :angry::angry::angry::angry:

I changed nothing from yesterday to today. Only have 4 feeds and they all drop like flies and sometimes don’t come back.

You could try periodically restarting the cameras (I use a Wyze rule) or even the tablet.

I think the gremlins were visiting. All has been fine today.

And @customer, your suggestion to reboot the cameras periodically is something I have scheduled in the Wyze app every night around midnight. Great minds ….

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tinyCam Pro is behaving the last few days. Experiencing a few dropouts but the feeds come back quickly.

Now the problem is the battery in the used Fire HD10 I just bought discharges even when charged by a 40 watt Anker charger.

Like Rosanne Roseannadanna said “It’s always something. If it’s not one thing, it’s another”.

My HD10 did not like the HD8 charger I hooked it to. Over the course of a week it gradually drained to near zero. Once I changed to the shipped HD10 charger (9 Watt, 1.8 Amp) all was well.

Was using the supplied Amazon charger and switched to the Anker 40 watt with no change. My suspicions are the battery is toast. I can get a new battery for $10.00 less than what I paid for the used HD10.

Well that sucks. FYI the 2021 HD10 is currently $99 new. And the Fire 7 is $39 and HD8 $59.

Others have had nice things to say about Onn.


The eBay seller offered to extend the warranty from 30 days to 90 days, and offered a 10% refund. They do not have any more HD10 tablets. I could return it and they would refund the total price, but I would still need a tablet.

Holding out for them to pay for half of the battery cost (~$28.00) and I will pay the other half and replace it myself.

Finally have TCP running with zero dropped frames. HD8 has 4 streams (could open more but then the individual feed image would be too small. HD10 has 6 streams.

Tossed the AC23 router and both A18 extenders in a drawer and replaced them with a Tenda MW6 3 node mesh router.

Was concerned if Wyze and this mesh would play well. They do thankfully.

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Dude nobody is going to fall for this 5 times in a row. :wink:

Come back to us in a month…

(but seriously, good luck)

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I do appear to be crying wolf. :roll_eyes:

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More like crying the wolf has stopped eating the townspeople this time I mean it. :slight_smile:

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Like the Energizer bunny, the feeds keep going and going and going…

The mesh seems to have been the fix. Will check in again in a few days.

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Hmmm, Tenda you say…

My old boss’ brother lives and breathes IT. He recommended Tenda when the cheap Spectrum supplied equipment wasn’t cutting it. I stuck with that brand because it works for me.

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