Issue with TinyCam pro

Still no difference. I am posting my experiences so if a solution is found, perhaps this will assist someone else having similar issues.

I picked 4 cameras, not WOC because those talk to a base station, which introduces another network.

So far, these 4 cameras remain visible on the Wyze app when they have dropped out of TCP. That tells me the feed is coming from the cameras consistently, so I can safely assume the camera, the WiFi connection from the cameras to my router, and the WiFi connection from my router to my iPad are all good.

I turned off the firewall in the router which did not help.

Checked each cam’s IP and MAC in the Wyze app and set DHCP reservation in my router to that IP and MAC. Rebooted the router, rebooted the cams, closed the Wyze app and reopened it to verify the IP and MAC addresses were saved in the Wyze app and the router. I know nothing else to check in the app or router.

Going into TCP, I made sure these 4 cams had the correct channel number, MAC address, and IP according to the list in Camera Status.

Monitoring the camera status page yielded something interesting. Picking one camera, I monitored the IP in TCP on another tablet right next to it. When the feed was active, the camera IP matched, but when the feed was up and down, the camera IP switched to something like It flashed so fast I couldn’t read it all. Also, when it switched IP, the relay type went to relay. When the feed is active, it is usually not relay.
Next step is to flash two of the v3 cameras with RTSP firmware unless there is something else to try. My concern is once they are flashed with RTSP, any updates from Wyze will not be applied.

Edit. v3 does not accept RTSP so that diagnostic avenue is closed. And once a cam is flashed with RTSP firmware, is is locked from any feature updates. Security updates will still be applied.

When one of the cameras is offline, the IP is not but rather it is

My limited knowledge on whois tells me it is in Chicago, and is hosted by

Anyone able to tell me who is at ?

Might have nothing to do with my dropped stream, but why is the stream going somewhere else at times?

The camera went offline just now. The IP was

I signed up for tinycam cloud so maybe the stream is going there?

The 192 is an ip on your home internal network. The 172 one is an external IP.

That’s got to be part of it; you kinda buried the lede. I know very little about TinyCam cloud service, but, unlike Wyze cloud, the stream is NOT going directly from camera to TinyCam servers - the TinyCam app itself would have to be relaying it. This would be something putting significant additional load on your Android device, particularly if it’s doing 4 or more simultaneous streams all the time. Maybe see if you can reduce the frequency and/or resolution of what’s going to TinyCam cloud. Again, though, I know next to nothing about the service.

In other news I’ve migrated to my new 10" tablet and I was able to keep all my previous TinyCam Pro event recordings simply by copying over the whole directory from old tablet to new tablet. It still indexes and finds and plays them just fine, although I also had to export/import the camera settings. What a great app.

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Was curious as to where the 172 was. Probably some guy named Drago in Ukraine watching me.

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I do know if I only watch two feeds, the cams still drop on one cam then the other quite often. This happens on both of the HD10 tabs and the HD8 tab.

I bought another app called IP Cam Viewer Pro, but after reading about it, Wyze cams need to be flashed with RTSP also, which is a deal breaker.

Checked into Blue Iris, but it is not for Android.

Will kill the cloud and see what changes.

I have purchased the Asus ZenWifi AX (XT8). I got this because of my streaming issue with the TPLink Deco P7 and X60. So far, I have not had any issues with this router. It provides the ability to customize as you wish. It is a Mesh Router 2 Pack WiFi 6 as well.

So far it has been working great for all of my equipment, including Wyze Devices.

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Don’t want to jinx this, BUT all 4 cams are not dropping out and over 30 minutes have gone by.

All I did was change the tablets from 2G to 5G

The 2G must have been clogged up.


Edit a few hours later… the dropped cams issue has not happened since switching the tablets to 5G. Got bold and now one HD10 is displaying 9 feeds at once.

:weary::angry:. It is MUCH better but the feeds are stll droppng, even with only two feeds open.

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Is that with or without the TinyCam cloud service uploads?


I have the trial cloud service and alex has offered some suggestions. So far, both the HD8 and HD10 are not dropping the feed anything like before. They used to drop quite a lot, and now maybe once every 5 minutes. I can see the data rate drop to 0 but it isn’t dropping on the Wyze app.

LIf a feed disappears, it comes back in a few seconds. Previously if the feed disappeared, it wouldn’t come back for a while, if at all.

Received a Fire TV Stick 4K today. Loaded TCP, added a camera, then another. Now I am up to 6 and the feeds are not dropping. Woot! So I added 3 more and now none of the feeds work on the Fire Stick, even when only selecting one feed. Ah, something else I broke that I need to fix. -_-