Is Wyze Watch Range Atrocious For Everyone?

I have enjoyed a lot of the features of the Wyze Watch 47 but I can’t get further than 5 ft from my phone without losing connectivity. This is quite an annoyance since the watch was supposed to offer some freedoms from the phone. I have a pair of $15 bluetooth earbuds that can operate about 100 ft from my phone… through walls. Even my old fitbit can connect to my phone from over 100 ft away. Was I sent a defective watch or is this just how bad the range actually is?

I thought it was just me but yes, I have noticed the range is pretty abysmal. Phone in the next room with the door open and it drops off. I’m not trying to dunk on the watch because I really do like it but there are glaring improvements that can be made.

Agreed, at home I can be in the next room or down the hall and it has no connection. Strangely enough here at work the signal goes through 1 wall ok and at 20 ft away I get notifications. No rhyme or reason.