Is Wyze down?

All of a sudden just now all of my Ayze lights went offline and I cannot log into the app it says “Cannot log into server.” I have many other connected devices and everything else is working properly. I di reboot the router just to be sure but the app on my iOS was also not responding until I went to the Apple store and selected another option under the Developer. Something is going on and it does not appear to be on my side. Anyone else experiencing any issues? Things like this is what makes me nervous purchasing any additional Wyze devices. Thanks.


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Sorry about this! It is a known issue and Wyze is working on it! More information here:


Any update on login

Updates and ongoing Discussion can be found at this link.


Thank you hope the fix it soon

We are having this problem. Got logged out and cant log in so cant cant see any camera! This is not good!

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