Is Wyze doing the right thing and refunding peoples money for the outdoor cam?

I was talking about the range of the camera not the motion detection. There is something wrong with mine. I lose signal at about 50 feet.

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You are lucky @Jhon I only got about 30’ on mine. A far cry from the promoted 300’.

are you saying that because the strength bars do not show on your camera page that the whole camera and wifi base is now a paper weight?

I have had mine in use for weeks now and never even thought to look a signal bars…works fine no mater that i never looked.

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I should be getting my refund processed soon, it destroyed the range on my garage door opener, to a point I had to almost run into the closed door to get close enough for it to open in one of our vehicles.

Since it is only one of your vehicles and not all of them, suspect the battery in your opener remote.

No the bars are not the issue (and they fixed that with a firmware upgrade anyway), My issue is the range. of the camera. Not motion detection, just being able to connect to the camera. And when you can get only 40 feet out of a device that advertises 300 feet, with a clean line of sight, you look at the bars.
Glad yours is working fine, but mine is not. I have been happy with the 15 to 20 other cameras and sensors I have , but not with the outdoor camera.

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Oh, I really did not read the replies, My issue was not with the motion detection, it was with the camera not connecting with the base when it gets more than 40 feet away. So no picture was my issue (and no connection means no motion detection)

That sounds somewhat different then, I kept seeing you refer to “bars” . Have you relocated the base to a higher spot, is any metal or screen in the pathway etc.
I ask because I have a wifi outdoor reolink camera with solar power that has less range outdoor than the wyze.
odd thought , where is the antenna on the wyze and does it mater which way it faces etc? Mine is looking perpendicular to the base location if that makes sense.
good luck

Thanks for the help. I have tried a lot of different things; High, low, sideways, antenna in all kinds of positions. And even when I bring the base unit outside so there is no glass between it and the camera, I still don’t get the range I should. Funny, I have a wyze pan can out back as well and my WiFi router is located in the front of the house through three walls and a window. Yet it works just fine. I know the pan cam works off the WiFi router and the outdoor cam works off of the base unit, but I would think the base unit at 1/2 the distance and no walls or glass would be better than my Comcast issued WiFi router.
Reading here, some people get great distance some like me, don’t. I have a feeling that they changed something somewhere along the production and I just got one of the bad ones.
Thanks again for your help.

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