Is this picture normal for night vision?


I originally tried placing the camera in the two corners of the garage and got the same cloudy results as placing it on the rear wall of the garage shelves. I just haven’t had enough time to test the removal of both cars from the garage but have seen the same effect with just one car in the garage. I’ll have some down time later this week and try to pinpoint the issue and post what I find.

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If you have another camera, it would be good to try it in this location, but if you’ve moved the camera around in the garage and get the same results, it starts to look like the camera might be bad. You could also try going to live stream for that camera and watch it live as you move the camera. Another thing I would try is while viewing live stream, tap the crescent moon icon with the Auto, Off & On in the upper right hand corner of the live stream page. That will toggle the filter.

The glare as the problem made a lot of sense until I saw this:

If that doesn’t cause a glare problem, I don’t know what will.



I have had the same issue with cameras inside and outside, including outside with no housing. I thought it might be condensation inside the lense, but after investigating, could not find anything. I do have one outside camera that does not have this issue, which makes it even more confusing.



Well, it’s not the cars.
Here is a picture with no cars:

and one with one car:

I’m going to try a few things tomorrow to isolate this issue.



Have the same problem with the last 2 cameras install outside. The only difference of the camera was I switched to all white birdhouse enclosures. I believe I solved the problem at least in my case. I had an extra white enclosure an took a sharpie and colored the white front facing parts black and tested with an extra camera outside

1st Test

2nd Test

Hope this helps anyone else.



I finally isolated the problem. The downward angle was reflecting off of the shelf even though it did not look like it was. Once I changed the height and the angle a little it corrected the majority of the glare from the IR. I could duplicate the issue every time I held the camera in the palm of my hand it caused the same type of glare even thought the lenses visual field was not impaired the IR light needs a much wider field to prevent glare. That took forever for such a simple solution. Problem solved.



Glad you figured it out!! :smile:



That is why I bought this housing for my outdoor cam. The underside of the top lip is black. No IR reflection.



Can confirm also that any/all white outdoor housings will create problems with IR mode. :slightly_frowning_face: Before/after pics of my pan cam after replacing white silicon housing with a black one from the same manufacturer