Is this picture normal for night vision?


Well, @DreadPirateRush says he has similar housings in black for this reason. I’m a little surprised those housings had such a high rating on Amazon, but then again, reading some reviews on Amazon I’m not.


I have two of the black ones. Here’s an image from one of them.


That looks pretty good with the black housing on


I’m having the exact same problem. Looks fine when the lights are on or during the day but as soon as the lights go out night vision looks super cloudy. No housing just sitting on top of paint cans. I thought the paint can lids may be reflecting the IR back so I placed brown paper on them just to be safe and I’m still getting the same problem. Any suggestions? Version 2 camera


Have you tried moving the camera to a completely different spot… Just to make sure the night vision is working properly?


If the camera is on a metal can top, the magnetic base should allow you to raise it higher on the stand and possibly leaning out over the can eliminating any reflective glare from the IR lights.


The night vision works fine in another room so I’m thinking it may be the reflection off of the cars. I will test this out tonight by taking the cars out of the garage and having a look.


After adding brown paper to prevent any reflection off of the paint can lids, I also held it in my hand in mid air and still got the same result.


While you had it in your hand, did you point it away from the cars? If so, that should eliminate the car reflection.


No but it would defeat the purpose of having a camera in the garage to begin with. I will have to test the camera with the cars out of the garage to confirm it’s the reflection off of the cars causing the problem.


Parking your car in the driveway defeats the purpose too. It’s simply a test trying to isolate the problem. If you remove your car and the glare goes away, you’ll still have to move the camera around the garage with the cars there in an attempt to find a location that doesn’t produce the glare and still monitor your stuff.


If you have anything near By that is reflecting When you have it in IR , It will cause problems, I have had the same problem with Wyze and Other brand cameras , Re positioning camera or removing something That is causing The glare Will help ya get a clear view , Also clean the lens off just in case that is the problem


I also have the same issue, during the day everything is fine and at night it looks foggy. My camera (V2 white) is indoors mounted on a wall looking over the living room.

When I toggle the infrared at night during the issue nothing changes, I thought the IR was bad. I do the same thing during the day and everything goes black and white.

Questions, because it goes black and white I am assuming that it does not mean the the IR works I am assuming it goes in black and white to be able to pic up more details when the IR is on?

My other two cameras around the house no issue, one is out doors too. You can normally see the IR when it is on, I need to check it tonight and see if I see the IR turn on. Looks like I may not be the only one with this issue.


This has me confused. If you toggle the infrared at night and nothing changes, why does the image not go black? If you toggle the infrared at night, there should be no other light source. Unless, there is. Is there possibly a light bulb near the camera? Something must be lighting the room.


You can see the IR lights turn on, I had the camera that moved in my son’s room and I replaced it with the normal one and my son did not like it. It scared him at night seeing the 4 red lights that the IR has.


Hi are your red lights on ? i found that if i turn the lights on the camera off its better vision at night - hope that makes sense . the red lights are off but the cam can still record just fine .


Hi, I had the same exact issue! All I had to do was angle the camera farther away from my house. it was reflecting on the light colored siding I have. Once I tilted the camera away from the house about 5 more degrees, all was perfect!



As you can see, I have light colored siding. Once I tilted the camera out, the night vision is great.

This is the “before” view:



One other option is to use black electrical tape under the little roof of the camera housing and the face area. Carefully cut around the face with the camera removed. You can also cover the white siding or soffet areas with tape and a black trash bag for IR reflective test purposes. Ultimately if it is IR light reflection/interference then dark non-reflective blocking or camera relocation is the solution. I’d be curious to know when you find a solution. Could you please post any findings here for the rest of us ?? …





Looks like the white area (small pie shape in the photo) top left is reflecting the IR light back to the camera from the garage ceiling. The paint cans too, they are white. Please let us know, if, and when you find a solution.