Is there a way to turn off notifications for shared cameras?

Is there a way to turn off notifications for shared cameras? I’m the shared user that sets up the rules that control some lights, but don’t want to get all the notifications. How do I turn them off without turning off the notification settings for the original owner?

Notification settings follow the device. You’d have to mute your account notifications (bell with Zzz on main page) or mute the app notifications in the android OS. Or have the other user mute them. Some ideas. :slight_smile:

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Silly. Just because user A wants to be notified, everyone who has view access also has to get notifications? Go vote on it: Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

There is one of the bigger wishlist items requesting the feature of shared user permissions, so that each user, shared or main, can have individual settings.

Give it a vote!

If I Zzz the app, I will not get the notifications from my personal cameras. I just don’t want the notifications of the cameras that are shared with me. This seems so simple? K

That is correct, the bell controls the app notifications and would mute everything. I understand what your saying, but it’s currently a requested feature on the wishlist which is labeled as “researching”, which means it’s being looked into at some level, but not implemented yet. You can change your forum notification settings for that wish list to “watched”, and then you will be updated if there’s any more posts or changes in the status of the wish list.

Thanks, posted it to watch.

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