Is there a veteran discount?

Just checking to see if there might be a veteran discount. I should ask before I bought about $500 worth of stuff but doesn’t hurt to check now.

Thanks so much


TYFYS. :wink:

If not, there should be … my $0.02 :wink:

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I don’t really know why, but I always feel funny asking for veterans discounts. I do use them when I can, but I hate asking. My favorite is Lowe’s 10% because it’s tied to the My Lowe’s shoppers card so just scanning the barcode, even on self checkout automatically applies the discount without asking.

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There’s currently no veteran discount on
I agree that his is an excellent idea and it should be added to the #wishlist!

No worries just wondering. Not offended in the least. I realize profit margins are tight but never hurts to ask.

Same… and I feel that steadily more way the longer I’ve been out.

They might have wiggle room with services due to margins but doubt they could afford much on the hardware.

If Wyze is afraid of misuse, they could use the “VerifyPass” service to confirm.