Is there a Mac / Web-broswer app for live streaming?



Is there a Mac / Web-broswer app for live streaming the video feed? I’m sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks.


There’s not currently a browser capability. There have been some requests for it though and Wyze is aware :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!


The workaround is to install an Android emulator such as BlueStacks (free) in macOS and then install the Wyze app or TinyCam app within that. A bit awkward, but it works.


Thanks! I was looking for a much simpler solution. Don’t want to run an emulator for just this.


I tried this, it does NOT work.


I’m using a Macbook. Downloaded NOX then installed Wyze in the NOX “environment” (not sure what it’s called). Can now use the Wyze app on my macbook perfectly!

Here’s the link for NOX: