Is there a feature to give time limited access to another user?



Would love to have this feature if its not available already, to give someone time limited access to the camera.

Our situation is that grandma watches our newborn in our bedroom while we’re at work, and we’d love to give her access to the cam in case she leaves baby alone to go to the bathroom, go grab something from the fridge, etc. But only while we’re gone and she’s babysitting, say 8am to 5pm access. Otherwise no access outside of those hours; I can do this with my August Smartlock, so it’d be nice to have with Wyzecam!



There is no way currently to schedule shared access. A greater set of user controllable permissions for shared users is under consideration. I’ve added your vote for such to Wyze’s feature request tracker. No word at this time when this might be implemented.

So, for the foreseeable future, you would have to manually enable/disable the share to accomplish what you describe (a pain, I know).