Is the Wyze Cam being sold on Amazon V2 or V1?



The reviews and questions section show varied response and I wanted to get a straight answer.




They are currenly shipping V2. But Wyze never changed their listing on Amazon. Wyze should have set up a separate “format” for the v1 and V2, so sales and reviews could have been filtered. And the founders of Wyze should have known this, since they worked at Amazon.

That is a problem that I don’t like about Amazon reviews, often the “most helpful” reviews are really old, and may have little relevance to the currently shipping item. And Wyze should have changed the description and “version” number when they started shipping the V2, because they are significantly different on the inside.

About the only thing you can know is that reviews prior to April 2018 were probably for Version 1. Anything after that could be for either.

I would buy directly from Wyze, you can still pay with Amazon payment. If you buy directly, the camera will be linked to your Wyze account, and you will be able to see the Order under My account. (But you won’t be able to see it in Amazon orders, so I guess that is a trade off you will need to decide). In both cases, they are shipped by Wyze, so a Prime membership won’t get it delivered any faster.