Is person detection working for anyone?

I updated the firmware, app and turned on person detection - walked pass 3 cameras - only one detected motion, but didn’t flag as person. The other two didn’t even detect motion, which they previously used to.

Seems like person detection doesn’t work and breaks regular motion detection for me.

Is it working for others ?


Working here. I’m using an android and it works flawless for me.

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I have 3 cams set up for people detection, and all 3 passed just now @100%. On iOS.

Nothing like “bleeding edge”! Have two cameras and person detection worked great for about 8 hrs (basically yesterday). Now today Live View doesn’t work (get error 42) and NO nothing else changed in the environment. Stop Person Detection and set at motion detection only and getting notifications even though Live View either won’t connect or drops after a few seconds. Remember I said nothing else changed accept firmware upgrade and app upgrade.

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It is working for me on 4 V2’s and a Pan, it misses some on occasion but overall it works

It mostly works on my 4 v2 cams, the least successful one is probably due to the view angle, it’s mounted 20ft high & 8 ft away pointing down at the door so you see mostly the top of people’s heads. The other 3 have a more level view and worked better.

Keep in mind that it can only tag clips that are already being recorded as motion detected clips. Therefore, if you are in the five minute timeout period (even if that motion was triggered by an insect, eg) you will not get a new motion clip and therefore also not get a person detection.

Also, the AI really needs to see the whole person most of the time for it to trigger.

See the tips here:

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Doesnt work for me at all. Mailman right in front of camera, didnt get notified

It’s working for me, but kind of more like a filter.
If I turn ON “Person Detection” only people triggering the camera will show up.
Nothing else that triggers motion detection shows up in the Events.
If I turn it OFF the other videos will show up.

It’s a bit confusing because if you know your dogs were out playing in the yard and there should be some videos of them,
They won’t show up until you turn the Person Detection OFF.

Also I’ve found that when I completely shut down the Wyze App the Person Detection will also be turned OFF.

Right now this is kind of a filter to sort out the videos of only people.

It is working for me, I have person detection on and I have it set to notify on person events only. If there is an event with a person I get notifies. If there is just a regular motion event it records and saves to cloud but I do not get notified. If I go in and look at the events I see al of them unless I apply the filter for people.