Is Anyone Actually Satisfied With Their Wyze Camera?

Let me put it as nicely as I can - I am tired of people trying to blame networks. This is a wyze problem plain and simple. If they don’t want to admit it and fix the problems they will be shedding paying customers in large quantities.

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Again, the idea is to eliminate the network issues. Troubleshooting 101. Are you not able to answer the question? When most of us are not having the issues that you describe, it is hard to blame the hardware. A common denominator seems to be the number of devices on overloaded residential routers.

I guess you have to ask yourself a question. Are you posting here looking for help, or just wanting to complain?

Over and out.

@BillG-MN Wyze is having an issue with notifications not working properly. There’s a thread dedicated to it with numerous people chiming in that their notifications are also broken. I’ve also been in email contact with Wyze and they have confirmed it to me although they didn’t tell me what they broke or how or when they plan to fix it other than “may be addressed in a firmware or app update.” Who knows how long that will be.

All I know is that mine were working fine until one day last week they broke without me having done anything. IMO, they need to fix their servers, not firmware or the app that was working perfectly fine before.

They stopped working correctly sometime over the last couple of weeks. If this is the issue you were referring to, it has nothing to do with anyone’s home networks, it’s just Wyze screwing something up again.


Dirty Harry?? :wink:

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The guy my original reply was to was having trouble with device counts. He talked about having 50 Wyze devices on his network, and there were probably many more. Most residential routers are listed for far fewer devices than that. I simply asked how many devices he had, vs. what his router was designed for. Straightforward basic troubleshooting question. He was NOT talking about notifications. Somebody else got on my case and just wanted to conflate issues and argue about his problems, notifications being an issue that was not related to the original question.

Quick note for BillG…
I have two routers that are synced together, Netgear Nighthawk with an extender allowing the whole house for wifi.
I’m more of a cable person if applicable, direct connection always works :slight_smile:
Of course all Wyze require wifi…this router can handle up to 255 devices…sure it can, but the, lets say i have another 15 items maybe on the same wifi…
so were at 65 devices…

AND Yes Notifications are the issue! Those are hit or miss.
I have 3 cameras that’ll send notifications; Main door (doorbell), garage door (I left open too many times) and also the doggie door.
The doorbell is terrible for notifications. The only way i know someone is at the front door is the dog barking!
Okay if im lucky ill get a notification that someone is at my door…oh when they hit the actual button…

Now the dog door camera is very good letting me know she went outside, but fails 99% of the time letting me know she came back in.? Why is that?

The other is after updates or firmware some of the devices fail to reconnect…it’ll show the unit “is offline”, yet i can tap on camera and still use it.
Sensors are the same…offline, but when the door opens it works…Why again?
A FIX? you have to Delete the device and re add…ugh! PITA again.
But even after all that…
I’ve gone as far as removing the app, deleting everything related to Wyze., perform a fresh install, this then requires you to enter your info again…
Wala, all that you had is still there…WHY…cause Wyze has the info stored on their end.
Even then it still shows i have a camera or sensor offline…yet still works. Why?
THAT isnt on my end, it’s WYZE.

I’ll repeat this to Wyze, please spend time on the app, its configuration, compatibility and overall performance.
then you’ll have a product that has 5 Stars ratings all day long.

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Well good luck to you then.

same here

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I have V2 & V3 Cam, Pan Cam & V2 Pan Cam, Doorbell Pro. All on the latest update and working fine. I have the same cameras at my mom’s house, which I manage remotely. They are also working well.

The only issue I had was with the original doorbell cam, but the new doorbell pro replaced it and it is working fine now.

I have been able to work with Wyze Support when I have issues with the products.

So over all is satisfied with the Wyze products I have.

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