IRs Not at full capacity

pan cam IRs at half capacity. will not come all the way on. restarted, power cycled and toggled a few times. tinycam pro was installed lastnight. not sure if something opened there. this just started happening to since it got dark. Help

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Do you mean only 2 of the IR lights are turning on?

If that. It appeared for a few minutes that all 6 were on but very faint. now I cant really see them at all. I cant help but think its something to do with tinycam settings

Most of the optical power of those IR illumination LEDs is outside of the visible range. If those LEDs were perfect you would not be able to see them at all.

There is no specific eye safety caution with these cameras but still my advice is do not stare at those IR illumination LEDs. Just like you would not stare at bright LEDs that are visible. Even invisible strong light sources can injure your retina.

“now I cant really see them at all”

Click here to read about eye safety with IR illumination—> In depth article

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because the IR isn’t fully visible within the spectrum of what human eyes can perceive…

instead use something that readily available to actually see them. take a picture of them ( make sure the IR leds are on) using your phone. you can tell if they are all working and their intensity in relation to each other.

a fully working V2 will look like this. this is just with my camera on my phone. no special settings like shutter speed or anything. just snap away.

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