IR light comes on after turning cameras back on. Update issues cam V4.9.6.156 AppV2.12.29

So now Wyze wants to be to troubleshoot because they think the image sensor might be bad. But this is not the case because I have 4 other cameras having the same issue and the 2 I reported to them.

When the IR lights are toggled off, and still come on with night vision but show they are toggled off in the settings, then that is a software issue Wyze!!!


And now yet another person from Wyze is handling my case and asking for the same things I previously gave the other people. This is ridiculous! I’ve got around a dozen v2 Wyze cameras plus several Pan Cameras and they all have this issue…it’s a software problem Wzye!!! All Wzye has to do is grab one of their v2 cameras and see for themselves.

I would bet everyone has this issue too. They just normally don’t turn off the IR lights with night vision on. But those that use the cameras behind glass, have to have the IR lights off or you’ll get a reflection.


I am happy to say that we found the root cause of this last night and are working on a fix. We probably won’t have time to get it into the version currently being tested but we’re aiming for the app version after that. Thanks for the help, everyone! :slight_smile:


Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn because it is a royal pain having to go into the app and manually turn on and back off the IR lights every single night at dark on my 2 cameras when the settings (For “Off”) should be locked down in the app. We look forward to having this issue straightened out and back to running normal.

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Finally! Now tell your customer service reps that so they stop asking me to send them camera logs.

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Anymore news as to when we can expect a fix for this issue?

It was implied that the fix would probably come in the second app update after the issue was confirmed.
I’ve updated the app twice now, but still have the issue. Hopefully, it’ll come in the next update.

My app has updated twice since that was said, so that’s why I asked.

The updates seem to come every month or so, so we may see the next one as an early Christmas present, hopefully containing the fix to this nagging issue.