IR light comes on after turning cameras back on. Update issues cam V4.9.6.156 AppV2.12.29

I don’t know if this is just Android or not. . . Since the recent cam and app updates two of my cameras, which both have a view through a window keep turning on the IR lights. I have the IR lights set to off.

Sometimes I turn the cams off during the day, and when they turn on by schedule or manually they revert to IR lights on. If I cycle the ‘night vision mode’ or manually turn off the IR lights everything returns to normal until I switch off and then turn the cameras on again.

This just started happening since the last camera firmware update: and app update:V2.12.29 which I received at the same time. So I’m not sure whether the problem lies with the camera or the app.

I am also experiencing some connectivity problems when trying to watch playback. However this is sort of normal. But seems to be happening more frequently since the updates, and I have had to power cycle the cameras a few times each as they have been freezing in the playback mode.

Anyone else seeing these sort of problems?

I have the same issue since this lates update! All my v2 cameras with Night Vision Mode set to Auto (and the IR lights toggled off), keep turning the IR lights on. Yet the IR lights toggle shows it’s off. After I cycle the toggle, then it works correctly.

Doesn’t Wyze even test the firmware updates anymore before releasing them?!

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Seems like they don’t. :thinking:

I’ve had wyze cameras for two years now, and this is one of the worst updates yet. I can’t even use playback on any of my three cams since the update. :tired_face:

I chatted with support about these problems, and as usual they suggested a factory reset. This of course didn’t fix the problem, but was very effective at wasting my time. :roll_eyes:

My advice is don’t install any new updates :expressionless: