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Based on recommendations from forum user rbruceporter. I purchased an IR illuminator to compliment my Wyzecam setup. Being in Canada my options were a bit limited. I finally decided on one and could not be happier with the results. I thought I would share. I disabled the IR lights in the wyzecam. Just by doing this it stopped all the notifications I was getting from insects. They are now attracted to the IR illuminator about 4 feet away. The first picture of the side of my house is the normal view from the wyzecam with IR Lights on. The second picture is with the wyzecam IR lights off and the IR illuminator on. (big difference). The third pic is the back of the house showing the light coming down from the side through another wyzecam. It actually hits my back fence. I think I will put another at the back and other side

IMG_1343 ,


Thanks for sharing. That is what I need to do at the back of my house. Great improvement :smiley:

@hum099 I have been thinking about doing something similar. May I ask what IR Illuminator you went with?

I’m in Canada ( and we seem to pay more for everything. Price is CDN. I seen a few branded under a different names on for much cheaper. Also you may not need 12 Leds, they have a 6 LED one. I wanted it to reach to the back of my property so i went with 12. If you look at the top left of the second picture, you can see it.

Here is one of the re-branded ones on Specs are identical.

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The two types of wyze cams use different IR wavelengths.
The V2 is 850nm, the Pan is 940nm

Just an FYI


You could put a Wyze Bulb in your outside light there and use a (protected) Wyze Sense to get color video when connected to an LED spotlight via a smart plug.

It is great that you are able to get a clear picture of a perpetrator in complete darkness, but then I would want them to be then frightened off by a light. This happened to me recently.

@hum099 do you keep it on all day and night or you use a smart plug? To turn it on the nights?

It has a Built-in light sensor which turns it on at night and off in the daytime.