(iOS v 2.6.62) Is anyone else as unhappy with this new app as I am?

Thanks @nerdland. How exacting is the “iOS jailbreak + app reversion steps” process? Intermediate skills + care + patience?

Also, can you exempt an iOS app from automatically updating without jailbreak?

My current iPhone isn’t jailbroken, and when I did have a jail broken phone, I never tried to revert to an old version of an app, so I’m honestly not sure.

Im also not sure about exempting an app, although I’d like to find out about this, too, depending what happens in mid-January. It’s unclear whether person detection will continue to work if you stay on old versions, but if it will, I may opt to do that

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I wonder if this:

is roughly consonant with this:

Sounds like it may be…

Good feedack, @masterep .


Yep. I think these kinds of growing pains are pretty normal. Facebook used to have all its functionality in one app, for example, before they decided a separate messenger app was appropriate to declutter the core app. It takes a lot of time and forethought to build a great UX, but also just experience. Forethought doesn’t always account for everything in real-world scenarios. It’s also sometimes impossible to have forethought if a new product wasn’t even on the radar when the original UX designer thought about the app. For example, I never would have guessed that Wyze would work on a bathroom scale. Even if the original UX designer knew they were planning to expand into the smarthome arena, they might not necessarily have considered a bathroom scale, if it wasn’t already known. So things have to be changed on-the-fly sometimes, and those can add up to clutter over time. But I think it’s great that they’re working on the problem. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, peepeep and nerdland.

I’m guessing that before Wyze opened for business, the companies’ founders planned, discussed and model extensively before making the leap to start the organization - with just the Wyzecam. Its evident in the greatness that customers expressed with not just the product but with the “UX” (user experience) from that first offering with their long attention. But now, it shows that the same amount of time is not being invested into each different line of business. Yes, growth is hard, but all companies, need to reflect and envision where they would like to be in the future.

My point is, Wyze please look at your iOS application as your next endeavor now that you have experience, this will help your growth. If it means starting over, join the countless enterprises that still exist today who paid the price and those who did not.

The user application is the foundation that all new products, customers and growth will take place. Most of all be mindful of your CIO’s (Customer In Operation) experience. Example: Many, many retirees get upset, because their benefits package that was active when they retired are being altered years later, in other words the deal is changing in a way they don’t want, for the benefit of the new currently working individuals, who just started.

“Wyze reflection” maybe needed for a great, strong, supported and sustainable growth - starting with the Wyze App. If you put more focus on CIOs, they will bring you new business by being your biggest cheerleaders, instead of adding new products and features too quickly to market.

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I did a quick search on the Apple community and it seems rolling back to a previous version of an app is not supported by Apple.

That’s Apple.

Until a few years ago, you have to pay up to install an app, you developed yourself, in your own iOS device.

Even now, it won’t allow cross-compiling an iOS app, you need to get a real mac to do it.

How fast is fast? How big is growth?

Here’s a Wyze founder pitching the company in June 2018 when they had sold somewhere north of 250K cams:

March 2019, ~1M users. Did I hear them say recently that they now have ~2M users??

Must be a rush in more ways than one… :sweat_smile: :woman_cartwheeling:

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I just read another post that someone mentioned a torn IR filter… You might contact support and see if it is something they can help with…

Thank you