iOS Remote Access


OK, I may contact support and through all the explanations again, but maybe next week when I have more time to work on it.
Thanks again.


If camera #3 on the main router (hopefully close to that router) isn’t working, including cellular access, I don’t see too many other choices. I would focus on that, because if any router should work with the camera and phone on cellular, it’s that one. You could also temporarily move the other cameras near the main router and set them up through it to see if anything will work with cellular from outside your network.


OK, I will try that. Cameras 3 & 2 are easily moved. Camera 1 is more difficult. It is mounted in a case under the eave outside.


iirc, you said camera 1 was the only one that used cell data briefly? Wouldn’t you know.


Yes, and it seems to be connected the the AP/router!

I moved 2 & 3 into my computer room and tried a cellular connection. It did not work on cellular, but both connect with WiFi and it has to be on the main router as it is to far from the AP/router.


Has to be? Is this not obvious in the connection setup? Each router should have its own SSID, and your phone and camera should be on the same router when setting up. iirc, the phone app tells the camera which network to use.


I set up all the cameras in one location on the main router with its SSID. The AP/router has a different SSID but the same password. When I moved the garage camera closer to the AP/router I think it automatically moved to that router. I don’t remember changing anything. Currently cameras 2 & 3 are sitting in my computer room and definitely connected to the main router. Camera one seems to be getting a stronger signal from the AP/router and is still connected to it, (confirmed with the basic information screen in the phone app.)


The cameras don’t dynamically switch routers. The router that your phone is on, is the router the camera is setup to when you do the setup. Open the app, click on a camera, click on the gear icon, click on “Device Info” near the bottom and that will tell you what Network that particular camera is connected to. Do that for each camera.


Camera 1 (Driveway) is on the AP/router
Camera 2 & 3 (Garage & Back Door) are on the main router. I reset and setup camera 2 on the main router.
Is there a way to reset camera 1 to the main router without taking it down from its location?


OK, I reset and re-setup all 3 cameras and they are all connected to the main router. The cameras work on the network WiFi but not on cellular. After going through all that I seem to remember that originally I setup two of the cameras on my work bench in the garage so they would have been on the AP/router. I am not sure the garage camera will get a strong enough signal when I move it back out to the garage. For now it is in my computer room with a 100% signal strength.


Once you get cellular working, you can switch it back to your extender. You seem to be making a lot of assumptions on which router these were set-up. The cameras don’t jump routers, your phone might. I can be standing next to my main router and my phone be connected to the extender. I can be standing next to the extender and my phone be connected to my main router. Which router has to be verified in your phone before the setup is started.

OK, if you’ve moved them all to the main router, you have removed several potential issues that could be a problem in troubleshooting your access from outside your network. I’m guessing your main router is blocking necessary ports. Now, like @oaktree said, you should call Wyze support and see if they can help. Also, like @oaktree, I no nothing about RouteThis Helps, but I suspect Wyze support will have you run that to test the ports on your main router. Are you familiar with ports on a router?


OverWatch, Yes, I did not understand that the cameras do not dynamically switch to the best signal. I know very little about how to setup router ports. I will call support this week. Thank you for your help.


No problem. I just wanted to make sure that was cleared up before you got on the phone with support. You’re very welcome, just wish we had resolved more than eliminating a router from the list of potential issues. Let us know how it goes.


Will do! Thanks again.


I’ve got six cameras working on AT&T cellular.

Just followed the stock setup.

Midnight of Wyze Cam v1, v2 & Pan models.


FYI to oaktree and OverWatch: I tried to call support today and was not able to get through. So I sent an email to support describing the problem and referenced this thread. I will let you know what I hear.


@wesiii Thanks for the update!

BTW, if you will put an ‘@’ in front of the user name, they will get a notice their name has been referenced in a post. Feature of this forum.


Cool man, they’ll get you over email. They’re solid. Phones might be weird because then for the ticket they’d have to type in everything to start a trouble case.


I work in IT (not for WyzeCam).
Just my 2 cents… We have remote workers, who work from home, as well as a VPN network they use to do so. We actively discourage Netgear routers and APs for this very reason. They are notorious for blocking inbound connections. In a sense, that’s a good thing for security, but it really shoots IoT devices in the foot. My money is on the Netgear routers where something is off in the ports or the NAT settings. This may require a 2 part fix from Wyze and Netgear, where Wyze provides the ports and Netgear provides the steps to configure them.


Open port requirements are here: