iOS Photo Permissions


Hello. I’d like to see “Add Photos Only” Photos permissions for iOS. I’d like the option to not have my photos library available to the app.

– Andrew


I am 90% sure that this is an ios limitation and not an wyze one.


I do iOS dev, there is definitely a write only photos permission.


Yes, you are right.


Does it mean when you want to delete a Wyze cam captured photo, you want to manually delete it in your photo library?


Yes and no. A photo saved in the Wyze album can either be deleted from the Photos App or from within the Wyze app. But they do have to be manually delete in one or the other of those places. If you are using iCloud Photos Library, then you can do the deletion on any connected device/Mac.


This is huge - granting full access means that one’s entire photo library can potentially be stolen or even deleted in case of a big or a hack, that’s quite scary.