iOS interface with multiple cams - dashboard?



Could someone share what the iOS interface looks like when you have 3, 4, or 5 cameras? Can you view the live feeds from all cameras at the same time? Or do you have to click into one camera at a time? I currently use Live Cam Pro iOS app with a variety of aging Panasonic cameras and would like to switch to Wyze cams.


No, at present time, you cannot view multiple live streams at once. The interface shows a thumbnail of each camera as last viewed arranged vertically. Two such thumbnails fit on the screen and you scroll down to see more. With the just released public app version, you can, at least, re-arrange the order of the thumbnails.

There have been many requests for more thumbnails to fit on the screen and for multi camera live view in some form. There hasn’t been any word from Wyze yet on if or when these might be developed.


Yikes, that will slow down adoption of multi-Wyze households. It’s kind of expected to be able to see a live view of your cameras on your property…

Can you imagine the work flow:

Lets check on the baby, click, wait…

Now let’s check on the front porch for packages, click, wait…

Now let’s check on the driveway, click, wait…

Now let’s check on the pool, click, wait…

Wait, was that the baby crying? Click, wait…

Wyze, please!!!


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Both Foscam and Samsung SmartCam apps are also like Wyze app, one camera ONLY at a time.

However, I can view multiple Wzye cams at the same time using tinycam pro without forwarding address & opening port.