iOS App Battery Usage

This is a huge issue with all three of my iOS devices. Support was useless. My iPad is reporting 10 hours on screen usage and 78 hours background activity!!! I have to force close the app every time I am done using it or it will continue to run in the background and kill my battery.

I had a similar issue last night. The phone was at about ~70% battery so I put it in battery saver mode, checked the wyze cam and went to bed. When I woke 8 hours later, wyze had used 57% of the battery despite the phone being off and wyze not being the last app on the screen. Normally maybe 5% is used overnight. How can an app use that much battery while the screen is off?

Exactly! This needs fixed ASAP.

I’ve given up on Wyze fixing this issue.

They were absolutely useless when I talked to them. This is a software bug that needs fixed ASAP or the app is not usable. Maybe we can get Apple involved?

Wyze has lots of potential as a company, however their R&D department is a total shambles.
At their current rate , i don’t expect them to be around in 10 years time max.
We as users should also bear in mind that you get what you pay for.