iOS App Battery Usage

Lately, I’m noticing my iPhone battery is draining very fast. When I went to investigate in Settings -> Battery I see that the Wyze app is always the #1 usage app by far and it has hours of background usage in the last 24 hours (current example: 7h 21m backgd). No other app even comes close to background usage.

Wyze Support suggested I turn off Background App Refresh for the Wyze app (Settings -> Wyze), but that has not helped. I also wonder how changing this impacts the Band as I see comments that the Wyze app should run in the background to work for Alexa, Find Phone, & Shortcuts.

I have a lot of Wyze devices added: Scale, Band, Cameras, Bulbs, Switches, Contact & Motion Sensors, but I’ve had these all for a while and it’s just started occurring. In addition to turning off Background App Refresh for the Wyze app I’ve also tried force closing the Wzye app and also restarting iPhone, but neither has helped.

Wyze App Version: v2.11.41
iOS Version 13.6

Is anyone else noticing how much battery the Wyze app is using?

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You can begin to update your iOS application to V2.12.30 to see if the issue occurs again but I did not have it in the lasts applications. I checked the batterie status regurlarly since a month. I have changed it two weeks ago.

Thanks. I just forced an update to 2.12.30 and will see if that helps.

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YES! I have been seeing the Wyze app using 40-50% of my battery usage for background activity for several weeks now. Maybe as far back as when I first got the Scale and Band.

I, too, have Scale, Band, Cameras (10-12), sensors, lock, keypad, and plugs. (No bulbs.)

I’m going to try disabling the Background App Refresh and see if that makes a difference in battery drain and/or functionality.

EDIT: I already had Background App Refresh turned off.

Updating to v2.12.30 has not helped. Still the top app in usage and using 12h 50m backgd in last 24 hours.

I have forgotten to say that I only have cams. Your high background process is probably for the location of the band.

I’m having same issue. I went from 100% charged iPhone 11 to 30% in 4 hours. Wyze used up 50% of the battery. I even have background refresh turned OFF.

I tried changing the Location Services to “While Using the App” from “Always” for the Wyze app and I see that the Wyze app has updated to v2.12.31, but I still see it the highest battery usage app in the last 24 hours at 22% and 18h backgd.