iOS 2.5.45 and Android 2.5.28 Released!

Scheduling only one action at a time would be ok if they allow us to schedule shortcuts which can then have multiple actions… then add back in the option of having the shortcut on the home screen. …

But as it is now its fairly useless. The thing is the migrated shortcuts that became schedules had multiple items in them, so the functionality is there. just the UI element to add an action is missing.

Has to be a bug, not a conscious decision.


There also appears to be a loss of actions as well. Bulbs can now only be turned on and off in schedules. We use to be able to adjust temperature and brightness. Something seems off. I don’t know why one would roll back functionality this much.

This is new documentation surrounding the new rules and rules interface. I don’t know if it might help at all?

wow their instructions for schedule indicate only one action can be used… appears as this was intentional. :confounded:

Did the “hardware decoding” option in the app settings get removed or moved somewhere else?

I used an old phone (nexus 5x) as an extra “screen” and after the latest app update, I noticed that video frames just get stuck and get super laggy as well. I noticed this before and I believe disabling “Hardware decoding” helped in previous app versions.

Was trying to see if this got flipped back on after the app update but noticed this option was gone.


I know its still late morning out that way, but I’m pinging you while it occurs to me.

Still no response about my DOA motion sensor… MAC is 77852604

'preciate any nose poking resources at your disposal… :wink: :nose:

Agreed @BlackSheepTxRx - this new scheduling setup simply doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you break out actions into individually time-scheduled items…when it seems to me you’d want to group multiple actions into a single time-scheduled item.

Maybe I’m completely missing something here.


Hey rbruce - the documentation itself is just fine. I can’t wrap my head around the single action per Scheduled item. Maybe you or another Wyze resource could shed some light?

If I’m leaving for work in the morning, I want to turn on Notifications for all of my cams - that’s easy enough. But I also need to enable Motion Detection on all of them too. Does that mean I need to create a single Scheduled item for every single camera??

I realize I can set up a Shortcut to activate my “Leaving for Work” settings…but that’s manually activated. I have to remember to do that, instead of Scheduling it.

Is that correct? Or am I completely missing something here? It seems like a step backward from the previous scheduling capabilities. I would very much appreciate any clarification anyone can offer. Thank you.


I believe you can create a Shortcut that you would manually trigger to do everything you want. But if you want to do it via a schedule it appears you get stuck with the one action limit.

To me this feels like it is the first step towards something more inclusive. I don’t fully comprehend all the possibilities myself yet so I am hopeful this is something that will quickly grow feature wise.

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I would be ok if they allowed us to schedule a shortcut, then a check box if the shortcut could appear on the home page or not. That gets around everything nicely.


That’s a great idea! I like it!

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Agreed. This whole process would have garnered a lot less ill will had some form of the shortcut scheduling been retained until the scheduler was really ready for full operation.


After update, it no longer shows that cam1 is shared with my wife. Meanwhile she still has it in her app, can still access live view, events, etc, and still gets notifications. But how do I manage shares if I can no longer even see that it is shared?

I agree with you. Introduction of the scheduler definitely portends a future power increase for the app and Wyze overall.

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I think the shares are managed more at a global level from the home screen at bottom right.

Apologies, I had initially typed “top right” while my other hand was wrapped around a Jersey Mike’s… Lol

Have you tried force closing the app and restarting it? Right after the update my shared camera did not show up, but hours later it did. I don’t know if it was because I restarted the app or the app server issues that morning but it seems okay now.

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Where? Image of home screen menu options:

Where is the share on the device screen?

Previous shares are listed within the Account area. They’re also listed under the individual camera sharing section.

I don’t share any of my own, but I do have my parents’ cams shared to me. I’m logged in as them currently and I see all of their shares present as they normally appear:

Forgive my ignorance, but are your screenshots from an iPhone or Android?