iOS 2.5.45 and Android 2.5.28 Released!

Roger that… i just used the “report an issue” section within the app. Never actually had a bad piece of hardware with which to contend until now.

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i get the same response. Start at 7 pm and end at 10 pm. Says start time must be before end time.

We’re working on that scheduling issue right now.

@secondary_2g, I’m glad it wasn’t a problem before this! I hope you don’t have to worry about how to send in a support request again. :slight_smile:


Ticket #318200 submitted properly, I believe.

I confess that the 8/25 overnight was one of total insomnia for me. Consequently, any 8/26 activities had dubious baked into them :grimacing:

When are you going to fix the problem with hardware decoding going away on Android?

@jemiller, I don’t have an answer for you on this one since this was an intentional change made when we changed libraries. I am communicating the feedback from the community with the team. It may be that we don’t put in a hardware decoder but that we put the effort into addressing the reasons that you needed it instead. But I can’t say for sure what direction we’re going to go in yet.

@secondary_2g, I will look for your ticket now!

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Thanks @wyzegwendolyn for all your hard work and keeping the communication channels open. It is very much appreciated. You rock!


Since nothing has worked to fix my issue not seeing the share since I got the iOS update, -not rebooting iPhone, not restarting the cam, not shutting down or restarting app - I decided not to update app on my iPad and sure enough it displays my shares just fine. So I’d say it’s a bug in the iOS update. Fwiw, I submitted a ticket to support with photos of both screens.


This was a terrible decision, and I feel like I now have to go through and redo my entire set up. I cannot add more than one action at a time. I have my cameras set to turn on at night, or a shortcut on front to turn cams on when I leave. Cannot do that now. This is below par for today’s applications to go backwards like that. Why take away such a user friendly function such as adding multiple tasks at once when your target audience is user friendly…Very disappointing.

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A new app update was released today to correct the schedule issues.

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It did not correct my issues. I updated the app and tested right before my post.
Edit: I cant create a schedule and select multiple tasks at once. I have to create one for each task. I do a lot of testing automation with the sensors, detection spaces, lights, etc. and taking away the ability to edit multiple tasks creates many more steps = much more time testing.

@StopICU33, it sounds like Sovndz may have been having frustration with having to set up rules with individual devices instead of having multiple devices selected. (Please correct me if I’m incorrect, @Sovndz.)

This fix is just for people receiving the error message that the end time has to be after the start time when using Schedules.


Ok, thanks for filling me in on the fix. I wasn’t sure what was actually corrected in this new update.

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I have groups. Cams - Lights - Doors. When creating a schedule, say I add the task “Turn off” Lights. I cannot then remove just that task after I add it in, I need to delete the entire rule or change it to something else. Unless I am mistaken, I cannot add a couple tasks, then delete them all, they must be replaced, and only one per rule!
Also, look at this screen. The only way to identify what actions are on that 12:30am, everyday is by clicking inside each one and checking. These devices taught me how to do a lot of automation around the house, and with this update that is a step backwards.

Sorry for my frustrations, but right before a holiday weekend when people are leaving? Bad planning.

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I didn’t even think about the long weekend aspect of this, but yeah everything you’ve discovered has been discussed from top to bottom within this thread… smh :confused:

Understood. Definitely bad timing when you need it to work the most.

You nailed it, @secondary_2g. The changes are not only for Plug, but also for Bulb and other future products. Many Wyze Bulb users were requesting a true scheduler feature which requires a concept of “end times”. So turn on the bulb from 5pm to 7pm. Or for our cam users, turn notifications on from 9am to 5pm.

Now we were expecting to allow for multiple devices of the same type in one schedule, but had a lot minute technical issue. We are working on this and expect to have it in the near future. To have multiple product types & different types of actions (e.g. turn on the bulb, reset the cam, turn off notifications, etc.) creates some weird edge cases. If we have an End Time, but have multiple actions, will customers expect the end time to apply to all of them? Additionally, not all actions actually have an inverse state (e.g. restart the camera) so there is no concept of end time for them.

Looking back we understand the pain caused to our existing cam users and are working to remedy. Thank you all for the feedback… we hear you and are working to make updates!


Thanks @wyzemike for the explanation. Much appreciated.

Concur, gives much insight and understanding… even evokes a little sympathy LOL

Clearly they want to do what folks are asking for, just a lot more developmental buildup required. Agree with the mindset of rolling it out when its fully cooked without introducing glitchy behavior at every turn.

Thanks @WyzeMike!


You’re absolutely right. We want to move fast and add features that our customers want, but we need to protect the experience. We are adding new process and slowing down a bit to ensure we deliver the best products possible. Thank you for your understanding and know that we are working on fixes as we speak.

Enjoy your 3-day weekend!